Top 10 Sub-Reddits for the Frugal-Minded

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sub-reddits for frugalsThis post is inspired by The Art of Manliness post on “How to Use Reddit to Become a Better Man”. As an avid Redditor and long time frugal person – I thought it would be a good idea to write a post on the various subreddits that help me save even more, learn new ways of being self-sufficient and discover new unique ways to make money online.

You see, Reddit is a powerful curation tool for the web. It’s a social news channel that delivers the hottest stories through user submissions. The community comment and take part in the conversation, as well. It’s plain text and doing fine. (Who says the design is everything?)

And when you land on you see this long list of links with the number of times it’s been voted up. On the right, you’ll see a place to submit your link or to create your own community. It’s all very eighties-ish, but a very, very influential since it makes up the best of the Internet (Reddit's tagline – The Front Page of the Internet).

Once you’ve lost an hour of your life browsing the default subreddits on the homepage, you’ll want to check out the other lesser-known communities (there are over 65,000 in all). These are the subreddits under which uber-niche content and links are submitted. Since we’re about saving money and being frugal, this is where we spend most of our time.

And if you’ve not explored the frugal side of Reddit before here are the Top 10 subreddits all money-savers need to keep up with:

1. /r/Frugal

This community is over 1.1M readers strong and a great resource for not only monetary frugality, but also frugality in time, convenience, and more. Each week they focus on a theme like food, winterizing, and getting ready for college so it feels very organized.

2. /r/DIY

DIY saves loads, especially if you need to make repairs to your home, furniture or cars. So when you take part in this community, don’t submit pictures of finished projects! They want to see the process of what you’re doing. You can get help with your current project or see what others are working on here.

3. /r/FinancialPlanning

Truly love this sidebar of this subreddit. They remind users to share the articles that help them the most and to help answer questions for others. There are great articles on everything from saving money at home to stocks and investment.

4. /r/thrifty

This community calls itself the crossroads of “saving money and saving the environment”. A noble way to think of being thrifty, don’t you think? Great ideas for things like saving money and energy, and what to do if you have no more for a week.

5. /r/simpleliving

Can I hear a vote for simplicity? You get inspiration and ideas for living a “simpler, saner life”. There are powerful tips on making the transition from a cluttered life to a peaceful one and things like making a positive lifestyle choice. (One of our faves!)

6. /r/BuyItForLife

Buying items two or three times because they’re cheap doesn’t make sense financially. In this community, you get a line on durable products you only have to buy once to save money.

Here's our article on products that will stand the test of time.

7. /r/investing

When it comes to putting away money, investing is hard to beat. This community holds competitions and post stock picks and more. They even have a section to help you find out how to get started in the stock market.

8. /r/personalfinance/

Learn how to manage your money – and your debt – for the long and short terms in this community. There are great resources here for things relating to job salary questions to different apps to help you get organized and manage your funds.

9. /r/frugalmalefashion

Ok, fashion is something that many of us struggle with – especially when it comes to being frugal and saving money. This subreddit gets you a line on coupons, sales, and discounts for anything male fashion.

10. /r/frugalfemalefashion

Just like it’s brother community, this is a great place to get in on savings with coupons, sales, and discounts. They also do looks-for-less posts as well. Fulfill your dreams to look awesome and save at the same time.

Combine all of these subreddits into one feed and you stay on top of trending frugality without getting lost in the massive amounts of information on this power curation site.

Do you know of a frugal based subreddit we have missed?

Written by Tania Dakka. As the Fit Freelancer, she does the heavy content lifting so entrepreneurs can take back their lives and move their businesses forward. blank

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