Dyper Review – Chemical-Free Diaper Subscription Service

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The following review was written by Amy – a busy working mother of two children. If you’d like to share your thoughts on a service or product you’ve tried, please let us know.

dyper reviewAs a full-time working mom of two kiddos, I appreciate anything that can save me time and/or money. Something that can do both is the Holy Grail. I am a diehard Amazon Prime member, we get groceries delivered, and have someone clean our house.

Needless to say, I do not shy away from paying for convenience.

When I heard about Dyper, a subscription-based diaper service, I was very intrigued. Could this be the next big thing to help a tired mama out? I’ve tried Amazon Subscribe and Save in the past, which offers great discounts on name-brand diapers, but never stuck with it. Estimating how many diapers you’ll need each month, in what size, is tricky business that I don’t have time for. I was often left needing diapers before my subscription was anywhere near shipping. Every working mom knows the panic that sets in when daycare sends a note that they need more diapers and your supply at home is tapped out. Enter the emergency trip to Target!

As a Dyper user, I don’t need to waste my lunch hour getting diapers because they have a genius SOS feature, where they’ll send you an extra week upon request to bridge the gap between subscription shipments. My only complaint is that it can only be used twice per year…so you still must try to plan accordingly.

To be honest, I have no idea how much money I typically spend on diapers in a month. It’s not something I want to spend time tracking (because it’s sad!). With my first, after the newborn period, I switched to generic brand diapers and never looked back.

With my daughter, a happy six month old, I tried to do the same thing and she was NOT having it. She clearly has more sensitive skin and the generic brand caused a rash to flare up whenever I tried to switch to them.

Try-out Dyper for $64/month
Get a free diaper bag with subscription

Our Dyper trial experience

I was really excited about the Dyper bamboo diapers because they are natural and have no chlorine, latex, alcohol, perfumes, PVC, lotions, TBT or Phthalates. $64 a month seemed reasonable for a soft, safe diaper for my little girl’s tush. Especially when it shows up at my door automatically.

It was super easy to sign up online and start my subscription. The biggest decision to make is what size to order since the Dyper sizing is not the same as conventional diapers. My baby girl is 6 months old and was transitioning from size 2 to size 3 so I opted for the Dyper medium (13-22lbs) and they fit her well, with plenty of room to grow. Once I got all that figured out, I confirmed my subscription and paid with a credit card. I immediately got confirmation emails and was notified when the diapers had shipped.

They arrived about a week after ordering, and upon opening the package I was pleased to see the clean, simple white diapers staring back at me.

I really enjoy minimalist design, so a diaper without patterns or colors is easy on my eyes and they work well under plain white onesies. I immediately opened them and grabbed one of our current diapers to compare. They felt soft and sturdy. My husband commented that they felt thicker, like they would hold up well.

There was no odor like the odor the Pampers diaper was giving off. We both liked the idea that we were helping our planet by using something that will biodegrade faster than traditional disposables.

I sent a few packs to daycare and kept the rest at home for myself. After a few weeks of use, I can say they are unremarkable in all the good ways. No smells or persistent issues. My girl has not gotten any diaper rashes during their use, which is a huge win! In one month we had three blow-outs, which is also a wonderfully unremarkable thing. Of course, zero blow-outs is ideal, but highly unlikely. So for us, this blow-out rate is in line with the other disposable diapers we’ve used.

Baby in Dyper diapers
My little lady in Dypers

My impressions

My first impression of sturdy and thick soon turned to bulky upon day-in and day-out use. Because they are a tad thicker, they do add a bit of bulk to my daughter’s backside and crotch area. Every parent knows the ‘crotch check’ where we pat them to see how full the diaper is to determine whether it needs to be changed. With Dyper, the bulk throws off the baseline so sometimes I’ll go to change her and she’s still dry, even though it seemed like it could be full. I assume over time a user would get familiar with their dry/wet state so a quick pat would let them know.

dyper features
A look at some of Dyper’s features (courtesy of Dyper)

My biggest complaint is that sometimes if the diaper is quite full, it almost feels damp on the outside, like it is seeping all the way through. This is probably the biggest reason why I won’t continue to use Dyper. I do not like the feeling of a squishy, full, damp bottom when I pick up my daughter. Of course, any diaper will be big and full when left for too long, but the bamboo component seems unable to hold it all in without a final sealant layer.

This is a good time to bring up the fact that I wouldn’t dare put her in one of these overnight. We use special overnight diapers for that, but not everyone will buy two separate types of diapers (day and night) so if you want one diaper brand to pull both day and night duty, this is not the one.

All in all, I think Dyper is on to something, but they need to do some tweaking. When I cancelled my subscription (which was very easy to do, thank you Dyper) I received an email confirming the cancellation and they highlighted that they are working on Dyper Version 2 with 16%-20% increased absorption rate, larger side tape, and a front tape area with grip.

Sounds like they are listening to customers and truly trying to make a terrific product that can also help our planet.

Read what Ruser has to say about his year with cloth diapers.


  • Clean, bright white appearance
  • No chlorine, latex, alcohol, perfumes, PVC, lotions, TBT or Phthalates
  • Wetness indicator that lets you know when diaper needs changing
  • Good for the environment
  • Delivered to your door


  • Bulky fit
  • When full, become damp(ish) on the outside
  • Pricier than generic brands

Have you ever tried Dyper or having your diapers delivered by subscription?

Try-out Dyper for $64/month
Get a free diaper bag with first subscription



Ease of use


Customer Service







  • Non-toxic diapers
  • Minimalist appearance
  • Enviro-friendly
  • Delivered to your door
  • Easy sign-up


  • Bulky fit
  • When full, becomes damp(ish) on outside
  • Pricer than generic

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  1. Melissa Ospina says:

    I’m using dyper and I don’t knowing I’m using the second generation but they never feel wet in the outside and last all night. Excellent diapers. The reason probably they feel damped is because they don’t have a plastic layer (I’m trying to abound plastic in any of my products)

    Thanks for the review

  2. Susan says:

    Your promo link to sign up is incorrect. It’s either 50% off OR you get the wireless headphones not BOTH. So your “plus” language is incorrect.

  3. Emily says:

    They have the Dyper Pail pre order for many months now, a whopping $129 retail price with $79 being the pre order price. The ad stated shipping in June or earlier, now it’s July and still no word from the company for missed deadline….very unprofessional. I’ve emailed them last month, they said no ETA on the diaper pail now. Shouldn’t people be compensated for delays like that given I’ve paid $79 bucks months ago. The owner should really examine their business practice.

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