1. lisa says:

    I bank with a local credit union. I find that their interest rates are better than big banks. Plus other things such as:
    I don’t pay a fee for my accounts and these accts don’t require a daily minimum (remember those?).
    They offer 2.5% APR on 13 mth CD’s. One kid just put his money in that. (I’ve been putting the kids’ money into CD’s since they were babies. Anytime someone gave them $ for birthdays, holidays, etc., it went in. They accumulated enough to buy a car or pay 2 years of college (in-state) by the time they turned 18.)

    Their rates on car loans seem competitive at 3.99%. They have secured cd loans and shared loans. Basically, it’s a loan at 2.5% but you have the money to cover the loan ( like, in a CD). You pay the 2.5% interest. We thought about doing this as we didn’t want to spend our cash but wanted to borrow it and pay a little extra. I forget our circumstances at the time for doing that.

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