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  1. 2013 National Institute of Health study put the median cost of ER visit at $1,233.

  2. So now that you are a few months into this health sharing what are your thoughts? Have you had any doctor or ER visits to share with other members yet.
    I currently have no health insurance because an Obamacare compliant policy would cost me and my wife $1550 a month with $12,000 deductible. I simply cannot afford health insurance at that cost, I have to pay bills like food and shelter.

    • Hey Scott – thanks for the comment! I’m actually writing a quick post to update folks on how it has been so far. My experience has been great so far – BUT…isn’t everybody’s experience great when all parties have been healthy?? Haha. I’ve certainly been pleased with the monthly cost. When the rubber meets the road (or when the doctor’s reflex hammer hits my child), I’ll be able to give a more confident testimony. Stay tuned!

  3. We are attempting to compare Health Sharing Plans. Seems like a big difference is: 1. Preventative covered/not-covered? With a newborn, it seems well-baby visits should be covered. 2. Provider handles billing/payments vs WE handle submitting bills(needs) and payments. Time consuming and complicated if we do it. 3. Where we send our amount due for plan each month (Plan or individuals with needs…which change every month, and could be a hassle). 4. Limits per year or per “event” (seems unwise to have a limit since some major illnesses could be way above those limits). Leaning toward Medishare. Did you compare these issues? Thoughts?

    • Hey Pam – great questions! I definitely looked into those factors.
      1. Regular visits to the doctor for our newborn were covered on our MediShare plan. The bills were submitted to MediShare, lowered, then we paid them because we are still under the annual deductible. Shots are not covered, but shots are free anyways in my state for people who don’t have insurance (which is technically us now!).
      2. MediShare handles the bills, BUT I will say it has taken some time and headaches to work with medical office personnel who are not familiar with MediShare. Everything has worked out eventually, but initially there is leg work with each medical facility you go to (try to stay in network!!). 3. Monthly cost is standard every month. EFT was a feature I appreciate – no check writing. MediShare sets up a separate account where my funds go each month. From there, they take the funds and disburse them where needed.
      4. Out of pocket limit is on a per-year basis…called your annual household portion and functions the same as an annual deductible in the insurance world.
      Hope this helps!

  4. You should take a look at Sedera Health, they do not require a faith component and have excellent customer care. I’ve been with them for a year now and am so impressed.

    • Thanks for the suggestion Juliet.

  5. I’m am considering joining a medical sharing organization after using traditional insurance. I’m an empty nester with a wife. We are in our 50’s. Relatively healthy. I am curious on where you stand after using medical sharing for your family for now a couple years. Any regrets?

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