UNREAL Mobile Review – Unlimited Mobile Starting at $10/mo

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Unreal mobileWhen you choose a name like UNREAL Mobile for your cell phone company, you already have a lot to live up to.

UNREAL Mobile is a new MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) on the market offering some fairly unbeatable pricing packages.

But does it really live up to its name? I'll get to that in a moment, but first I want to talk about how I came to try out and review their service.

A little bit about UNREAL Mobile

UNREAL Mobile is an all-digital, premium mobile carrier that offers the lowest priced unlimited mobile plans starting at $10/mo that was launched a few month ago.

At first I was a little skeptical (as I'm not a fan of over-hyped names / marketing). But, us guys are big fans of the MVNO's out there (like, Ting, Tello, Tracfone and Twigby) – so we love to checkout any new ones that pop on to the scene.

The MVNO market is getting quite packed and the competition to have the best deals are heating up. I currently use Tello for my service and pay $11.34/mo for 300 min, 200 MB and unlimited texts.

While MVNO’s are not perfect (if you are out of range of WiFi, or the network they rent from – Sprint is UNREAL Mobile’s provider, your service will suffer. UNREAL Mobile is now also providing GSM service). But the cost-savings for thriftsters is just tough to beat. I’m also fortunate that I’m always around WiFi service, so I rarely use data (saving lots of $$).

what is UNREAL mobile and what do they offer?

They haven't been around very long. They've already been profiled by some other media outlets out there, like Clark Howard, USA Today and our friend Peter at BibleMoneyMatters.com. And, the reviews are mostly favorable for the service provided.

They offer the chance to buy a phone direct from them (mostly a collection of refurbished models), bring-your-own phone (if it is compatible with Sprint or Verizon), or buy a GSM SIM Card Kit and GSM Hotspot from them. Their latest GSM SIM Card offer is free with a one-time activation fee of $0.99 and GSM Netgear Unite Hotspot is free with a one-time activation fee of $9.99 for a limited time!

When visiting their website, they don’t allow you to just look up plans or other information – but “guide” you through a simplified check-out process beginning with asking users to enter their zip code and phone numbers, then address. Once complete, you’re guided to select a device or bring your own.

Available phones

If selecting Mobile Phone, you’re guided to select your UNREAL Mobile device.

Unreal device selection
A glimpse at some of UNREAL Mobile phone offerings

When a phone is selected, then options for plans come into view – beginning with their “unreal” $10 offering for their unlimited* mobile plan. The asterisk is there because you get unlimited text, talk and up to 2GB of data (but who needs more than that—am I right?). 

unreal mobile plans
UNREAL Mobile plans

And the coverage? It's been reported that Sprint may be on the low-end of the big four networks – but I use them with Tello and am generally pleased with the service. Here's a look at their coverage map:

unreal mobile coverage
Coverage map for UNREAL service

My experience with UNREAL Mobile

I was fortunate to receive a refurbished iPhone 6 to try-out for this review. While the phone was on the low-end for storage, it performed well with the service and was able to text, talk and surf at will (even tried er out after entering the US in North Dakota from a recent trip to Canada).

Also, it was an easy start-up after unboxing – which is something I really appreciate.

As we've said here before when reviewing many of the cell phone providers (and especially MVNOs) – each individual's needs are so different. So, one has to weigh what they'll be needing and using their phone for and go from there. But, from my point-of-view, UNREAL Mobile's offering and UN-beatable pricing certainly lives up to its name.

Have you had any experience with UNREAL Mobile or other MVNOs?

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Comparison to other MVNOs

MVNONetwork UsedPlan Price
(Min. available)
Calls to Mexico & Canada Included in PlanCustomer ServicePlan Friendliness
(Ability to uprade / downgrade at will)
Free Tethering
BoostSprint$35 (Unlimited / 3GB data)$5 extraFair1 month noticeNo
Consumer CellularAT&T, T-Mobile$15 (250 min / no data) AARP members can get 15% discount.International direct dialGoodAnytime-
CricketAT&T$25 (Unlimited Talk / Text Plan)Smart / Pro Plans onlyFair2x per billing cycleNo
Gen MobileSprint$5 (Unlimited text)Yes (over 101 countries)GoodYesYes
Republic WirelessSprint, T-Mobile$15 (Unlimited talk / text), + $5/GBNoFair (Most CS logged to community)2x per billing cycleYes
Straight Talk WirelessAT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon$35 (Unlimited text/talk + 2GB)Add-onGoodAnytimeNo
TelloSprint$5 (100 min / Unlimited text)Yes (texts and MMS only)GoodAnytimeYes
TingSprint, T-Mobile$15 (100 min / MB / text. Plans based on what you use). Offers $50 credit upon signupYesGoodOkayYes
TracFoneVerizon Wireless, AT&T, T-Mobile US, Sprint Corporation, and U.S. Cellular$14.25 for auto-renew (200 min / 500 texts / 500mb)NoFairOkayNo
TwigbySprint, Verizon$9.00 (Text + 300min + WiFi only)Yes (and China)GoodYesYes
UNREALSprint$10 (Unlimited text + talk + data - up to 1GB)NoFairYesNo
VisibleVerizon (Visible is not considered a traditional MVNO)$40 (unlimited talk,text and data)NoGoodOnly one plan offeredYes





Customer Service



  • Easy set-up
  • Affordable plans
  • Lots of data for $


  • Some limitations due to MVNO status
  • No international

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  1. My experience with unreal mobile… when they say something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Nowhere, in ANY of the reviews that I read, did I see that you have to use their specific app for EVERYTHING. Including text messaging… which means having an iPhone is totally pointless because you can’t iMessage. STRIKE 1. The service was also subpar. My husband uses cricket (also ATT network) and I was using Unreal. He had service and I didn’t in certain locations (both with the same model iPhone). STRIKE 2. They took their sweet time releasing my number for me to port out, but eventually did it by the end of the third day, but what REALLY frustrates me is that they charged my account again after my number had been ported out! When I ported out from Cricket to Unreal, there was nothing left for me to do. The number was no longer in their system, so I was no longer paying for a service. Simple, right? Wrong, at least not with unreal. I ported my number out but they continued to charge me. And they won’t even acknowledge the ticket that I submitted for a refund. They also make it impossible to initiate certain activities from your phone. I had to log into the computer website to initiate a port out and to actually cancel my account. STRIKE 3. But really, if you have an iPhone, don’t even bother, because you won’t be able to iMessage. Later Unreal. I wish I could say it has been real… but it hasn’t. End rant.

    • Sorry to hear about your experience, Sarah. UNREAL, and FreedomPop users are being transitioned over to Ting Mobile – so these problems should be alleviated by the switch. Our best.

  2. They just ELIMINATED the included “services” and jacked up the price by $2.99 (30%) with a “service fee” that supposedly covers fraud and billing costs (on something you are paying for a month ahead of time – so where’s the fraud coming in?) If you ask about it they just respond (by e-mail) that they “changed their terms of service” and you can cancel if you want. Here are the posted off to the side (ZERO e-mail communication about changes – and why would I be logging in regularly to check on messages off to the side of my account page?!) I haven’t even been using up the 1GB of data, so what are they complaining about? If they try that again it will be off to using unlimited from Sprint. . . .
    3/13/19 12:23 PM
    To continue to offer the lowest priced unlimited plans, encryption and privacy features are no longer included in your bundled plan. Both services can be added to your plan anytime for a nominal fee.
    4/25/19 3:40 PM
    We’ve recently updated your subscription. Please review billing section for details
    (The billing page says this)
    UNREAL MOBILE Administrative Fee Admin fee helps defray costs related fraud prevention, customer support and payment processing
    Notice how there is NOTHING in the notice (which is just visible online and NOTHING like a notice about change of terms was sent by e-mail) about even the amount of the change. Just “go look at your bill now” and see what wonders we charged you with. A REAL bunch of LOSERS. . . .


    • Unreal Mobile was formally FreedomPop… that’s why it’s so crappy!

      • Robert, Freedompop is still around – but you’re right, Unreal is a sub of Freedompop.

  4. This is the worse phone company. Do yourself a favor and stay away. I purchased the service and I’m still waiting after 3 weeks. They said they had shipping issues and they would send the sim via 2 day delivery. It’s been a week now. You can’t talk to anyone but sales and they are rude if you are a current customer. They’ll just send you to automated menu. I can’t talk to anyone. They are only nice before you purchase. In the meantime I’m out of service for 3 weeks now and out $160 12 month of service. Awful company. They should be ashamed of themselves. I hope someone sues them.

  5. i don’t understand something about this company,i have a internet plan with unreal mobile which suppose to be unlimited.I buy 5gb of data for 32 dollars a month,which i use up pretty quick,and i have the understanding when all of my high speed is used up,they will throttle you back to 2g.When i start using my computer running in2g,after about 4 to 5 days they will cut me off for excessive usage.I think this is wrong.I am beginning to think this is a sham,to get you to buy more data.

    • Beware… Unreal Mobile is a branch off of FreedomPop… that’s why it’s so crappy!

  6. STAY AWAY! Ordered a refurbished phone from Unreal. Didn’t work. Tried to exchange. Had no working phone or service for two months. Was still charged for service. After 2 months of trying to resolve the issue I finally gave up and tried to cancel service and request a refund. That took another week and three hours waiting on the phone. Response time was over 5 days for each call or help ticket request. Terrible, terrible, terrible. There are other low cost cell services. Avoid this one at all cost!!

    • Thanks for letting us know about your experience with UNREAL, Nellene.

  7. I use an android phone. I hate that unreal app does not show my old text msg from my native msg app. This means I need to switch back to old msg app to view old test msg/history. I called up unreal and asked to escalate they told me to ‘mail’ to their headquarters. I asked to talk to a manager and the rep on the phone told me no manager to talk to.

  8. customer service is terrible – a week to get the phone working – then another 2 weeks for a dead siple number port

    they are polite and speak english but cannot actually do anything other than that


  9. Stay away. I lost 3 months service. The story….I started the trial period but heard from contacts that they had trouble hearing me. I submitted a ticket and started working with tech but service was not fixed at 14 day mark so I had to stop service or buy a MINIMUM 3 month service to continue. The offer I had bought said one month for $10 but that was not offered. So I enrolled and paid for 3 months. Shortly after, the tech said they could not fix my service and despite my phone being compatible, they said get a new phone. Since they could not provide service I asked to discontinue and get a refund…AT LEAST for the extra 2 months they bilked me for. Not allowed they tell me. Of course not, they have my money. Bad company and I have switched to Tello. Try them.

  10. I’m testing UNREAL mobile’s GSM option, at the moment. Most of the time I’m on WiFi anyway, so 1GB is enough data for me. Call quality has been fine, although I haven’t performed extensive testing. AT&T service is fairly good where I live, and as stated earlier, I’m usually on WiFi. I would say so far the biggest negative for me is having to use the UNREAL app to make calls and send text messages. It’s not that the app is bad, I would just prefer to use iMessage for my texts and the iPhone’s built-in dialer. I do like how easy it is to review your account with the UNREAL app. At a glance it’s very simple to view your usage. I plan on continuing my testing for another 1-2 months before completely jumping ship from Verizon, but so far I’ve been pleased with the value UNREAL offers. You cannot beat $10 a month for cell service. If UNREAL was to allow me to use my iPhone’s built in dialer and iMessage, it would make my decision that much easier.

    • Love to hear what you think of it after your 2 months of use, Garrett.

  11. I bought a card from Best Buy, and have a question of how to get the phone # because I have a my phone, but I don’t have a number.. But I called 6 times, and reps. keep put me on hold all the time, and I waited and waited and no one pick up. I am so disappointed. I will return the card to Best Buy

  12. Beware! Unreal Mobile advertises great prices for their plans but their billing is confusing and could cost you more than it’s worth. I decided to try the $10 plan for a month to see if it would be a good fit for me. The first month for the $10 plan was $22.40 ($10-plan; $12.40 for Sim card and shipping). When I was checking out on line, it asked if I wanted a second sim card for 99 cents so I took it. They said it was a $20 plan sim with a 14 day free trial. I thought, great, I can use that if I like their service and decide to port my phone number over. Nothing was said about the card being active. Then I noticed yesterday on my credit card bill there was a $20 charge from Unreal Mobile. There was nothing in my Unreal Account on line that indicated I had a second account. In fact there was very little information at all in my account on the first transaction, the $10/mo plan. I asked for my money back on the $20 plan but they said “no!” They said there was no one that could authorize that. They said I would have to “write a letter” to their main office in L.A. and I asked for that address. Then I asked that they cancel my plans, which they did right away. They did not offer me the remainding 10 days of my $10 account or to use the $20 they charged for the $20 plan I did not know I had. When I checked my account an hour later, all billing information had been erased, only leaving my logon information and a notice I did not have an account. Now I’ve paid $43.39 for twenty days of a $10 plan with them. There is definitely something wrong going on here?? And the calling plans for Unreal Mobile involve calling through a separate app you have to download to your phone. When I did some searches online, UnrealMobile.com was tagged as a “Suspicious” site by Webroot Antivirus. What is going on here??? Please Beware when dealing with Unreal Mobile. It truly may be “unreal.”

    • Thanks for sharing your experience w/ us AKB.

    • Beware… Unreal Mobile is a branch off of FreedomPop… that’s why it’s so crappy!

  13. Their support is the worst. Inept operators and their help desk, e-mail tech support is clueless. I brought my own phone at first and all went well. Then I had to move my service to a new phone for security reasons. They could never get it right. I called for weeks with hours of hold time. Yes the service is cheap but the support is even cheaper.

    • Sorry to hear your frustrations Cliff.

  14. I switched from MetroPCS to Unreal and used the GSM service (ATT network). You have to use their app to make/receive calls and texts which is a huge downside never reported. My understanding is that the GSM service is voip. No one could hear me on phone calls and I canceled two days later. Even worse, Unreal changed my phone number to a land line number and it took over a week to port my number away from them. To add insult to injury, Unreal’s 100% risk free guarantee is a fraud… they only refunded me back less than 1/2 of what I paid. Stay away!

    • Sorry to hear about your experience with them Heath. I didn’t encounter these issues when trying out their service but appreciate your making us all aware of what happened in your trial.

  15. Terrible experience with this company! first they send me a ZTE phone (not compatible with 2 other services I tried) instead of the Samsung I ordered, added a shipping charge that was not on my order,then they send it with a defective sim they said they would sent another in 5-7 days it never came canceled after a six week wait and communicating through email as they never answered the customer service calls (tried several times once for an hour ten minutes another over 40 min)

    • I’ve sent a note to a UNREAL rep and they’ll be in touch.

  16. twigby includes 300 minuted for $9. not 200.

    • Thanks for letting us know Fredrick. And for a limited time, it’s actually $6.75 for your first 6 months.

  17. My experience with Unreal mobile has been the worst I’ve ever had with any company ever! “Unreal Mobile” is an apt name for this fledgling company.
    After navigating to their website to determine if my phone was compatible and if they offered service in my area, I decided to switch carriers.
    What a colossal mistake. First, I was thwarted online from completing this task myself by a technical issue on their website. Next, I called Unreal Mobile to ask that they initiate the activation for my phone and port my telephone number. The representative told me that my current carrier, Tello, needed to release my IMEI number and deactivate my phone. Tello explained to me that my phone isn’t locked, doesn’t need to be deactivated and my IMEI number will automatically be released by the system once a request is made by Unreal Mobile. So, I called back Unreal Mobile, relayed what Tello had told me. They remained insistent that Tello was wrong and the problem was on Tello’s side.
    The tech support people on Tello’s side were very courteous, professional and competent. They showed a sincere intent to help; So much so, that they even went the extra mile and offered to try to resolve the problem if Unreal mobile would only initiate a 3-way call among all of us.
    I reached out to Unreal mobile a dozen times and relayed the solution that Tello suggested. Each time as if programmed robots reading from a script, they restated their contention that the problem’s Tello’s fault. On all but two occasions, when I directly asked to speak to a supervisor, their representative either literally ignored me, spoke over me or hung up on me. The other two times, I was promised a call back from a supervisor that never happened. They blatantly lied.
    Here I am a potential new customer, practically begging them to take my money and they actually hung up on me. More than once! Incredible! It’s ironic that a telephone company won’t spend the money to make a telephone call to add a new customer. One would think a company in its nascent stages looking to grow its base and spread good word of mouth would be more aware and put a better face on its service; Unless they really don’t care…The sad truth is, Unreal Mobile wouldn’t even make a good faith effort to resolve the problem. They absolutely refused to show “any” goodwill. Trying to deal with Unreal Mobile is like spitting into the wind.
    I can’t speak highly enough about Tello; They’re everything Unreal Mobile isn’t. They were helpful, polite, organized and competent. Tello is a like a finely tuned Ferrari compared to a broken down Unreal Mobile jalopy.
    Think about it, if this is how they treated a prospective customer, it’s not hard to figure out how they’d treat anyone who’s unlucky and foolish enough to make the switch.
    I was going to switch carriers strictly for economic reasons. I’m staying with Tello. TRUST ME, learn from my experience, it’s not worth the heartache, time or the energy. This conclusion was reached without even knowing if their service is reliable; By the way, there is no 24 hr/7 day customer support either.
    It’s definitely worth paying the few extra bucks to stay with Tello. Unreal Mobile is an Unreal Nightmare!!!!

    • We apologize if this was your experience, it is certainly not the norm and we would like to get you back on the right track. We’ve reached out to you privately to gather for more information so we can provide a resolution as soon as possible.

  18. I recently decided to give UNREAL Mobile a try. I agree that the pricing structure is simple and a great value.

    Activation was easy without any issues.

    On the other hand, porting my number has been an absolute nightmare. I am now on my third day without any service. Customer Service has no answers and no timeframe for resolution.

    So far, it has definitely been an UNREAL experience!!!

    • Sorry to hear you’re having trouble, Larry! We’ve received your info and will be updating you on the status of your port shortly.

  19. Thanks for your review. I have been researching Unreal myself and just wanted to add a couple of additional points. First, Unreal is an off-shoot of FreedomPop and as such may invoke strong feelings among those who have had bad experiences with FreedomPop. Second, Unreal uses a real cell connection to talk (not VOIP like FreedomPop does) and this is a big plus. Third, the GSM option you reference however does use the old Voip for voice and you are required to use the Unreal app to place calls and send texts. For many, this is a deal killer for the GSM version. And lastly, it’s unclear to me if the 10 dollar fee includes taxes or not. Thanks again for highlighting new MVNO’s.

    • Hi Keith, glad to hear you’re overall satisfied with our product! Though our GSM option does not use cellular technology at this time, you can look forward to it being supported in the near future. Currently, taxes on products and services are covered by UNREAL Mobile.

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