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  1. Karen- I saw your post and we have many things in common. I thought I’d respond. I know that being self-employed is ideal in the sense that your hours are flexible since you design your schedule. With the prices of health insurance, however, finding a job that offers part-timers benefits would be cheaper than buying a policy online. There are jobs out there that still offer part-timers benefits. I have such a job.
    The online health ins websites give you total cost and premium prices based on the info you submit. You may or may not get a subsidy, depending on your income. Play around with it.

  2. Hi Matthew,
    Thanks for the article! I really enjoyed it. You are not alone, I do the color co-ordinated closet thing too. I have also tried to do something similar with my saving. And, like you, I have found it difficult to track everything I want to save for when it’s all piled into one big savings account. So, you have inspired me to have the confidence to fine tune my finances for my savings and be more organized. Thank you so much for sharing, I am grateful!
    I am also a young at heart, healthy, 60 year old single female, that went back to school full time to become a massage therapist. After my divorce, I bought my house and paid cash for it (thinking I would be smart just in case I lost my job, I would have a place to live, mortgage free). I ended up losing my job 5 months later. Which was ok…a very toxic workplace and I was contemplating leaving that job anyway. But, I can’t get a loan, (which may be a good thing!), because my house is paid for and I have such a low income, so I struggle…but pray with the intention of financial abundance and as the law of attraction has proven to me: that opportunities have manifested for me to increase my work hours at my one part time job.

    Last year my income was only $6,000, since I went back to school full-time; so I was on food stamps and medicaid. As of January of this year, I got my massage license, but don’t want to work at a spa, I want to be my own boss (you’ve heard of “mean girls”, yes, it even happens when you are 60!) I want to help people get healthy, take my time with massage clients and help people heal. So, building a clientele is a little slow.

    Luckily, I am able to conservatively withdraw on my IRA now, work my part-time job for $10.25/hr. and have a handful of clients at $60/hour. But I also have 2 school loans now and a new rescue puppy that has a lot of medical bills. Life! :) . And now, I am off medicaid and have to hunt for health insurance. My quandary now is…if I take out more money from my monthly IRA, (to help pay down bills and for home improvement), it increases my income, which in turn, I’m guessing will increase my health insurance, in a way, it seems like a losing battle. Any suggestions?

    Again, I am grateful for your insight on organizing my savings as I am trying to live a minimalist lifestyle.
    Peace and Blessings,

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