2nd Annual TTG Easter Egg Hunt (Win Prizes!)

easter egg hunt

Happy Easter! Welcome to our second annual Easter egg hunt for our email subscribers!

We want to mark this special Christian holiday by holding a fun little Easter egg hunt for the grown-ups (and young-en's if they wish to!).

Placed throughout the website on articles as well as pages are these 6 eggs. The one you really want to find is the Golden Egg. This one is worth $25. The others are worth a $5 Amazon gift card each.

Easter eggs

Little know fact: Easter eggs symbolize the empty tomb of Jesus, from which Jesus resurrected. Please don't ask us where the bunny came into play, but they are a cute little animal (in fact, we have one in our home – they make great pets!).

A few rules:

  • The first to find each egg is the winner. We will try and notify searchers as to what was found on the page here—so stay tuned. The eggs are hyperlinked to a page that will tell you if you are a winner (or not). IF you find an egg, click on the egg and fill out the form on that page to let us know.
  • One winner per contest. If you've found an egg, please hand in your Easter basket. We'd like to give others the chance to find them too.
  • US residents only / email subscribers only. Sorry, we don't want to pay for shipping your prize to Uzbekistan. Nothing against Uzbekistan, we're just positive it will cost a pretty penny, or in their case, a pretty so'm.
  • Contest ends at midnight on 4/7/18 (or whenever eggs have been found). We're sure all the eggs will have been found by then. But we gotta set a deadline. If some are still unfound by Monday night (4/2), we will start posting hints here on the page to assist scavengers. But, even if they've been found, it's still fun to search.
  • Your only hints: Eggs will not be found on articles from 2010 to 2014. Nor will they be found on articles written by anyone else but the Three Thrifty Guys. If they are on the articles, that is. We could be trying to throw you for a loop (no, they are only on posts). 
  • Please. No cutting corners by using electronic means to find the eggs. :) Feel free to comment with any trash-talking or other comments.

Have fun, enjoy the hunt and Happy Easter!

What has been found

eggBarbara found on Thrifty Summer Vacation
eggMichele found on 7 Products with Unbelieveable Warranties
eggLaura found er on MVNO Comparison
eggHamilton found on My Attempts of Spring Cleaning Our Finances
eggAnne found the Golden Egg! Congrats to her. Located at Nest Review
eggTamra found this on Money Hiding Spots

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