Free Printable Valentine’s Day Cards (for the Thrifty and Last-minute Guy or Gal)

free printable valentines

If you are reading this one of two thoughts are going through your head:

Man, I can't wait to give ____ the box of candy and flowers tonight.


Oh crap.”

To that second guy/gal, we want to say: don't worry – we got your back.

Since you are the thrifty type and “free” is a term that gives you warm fuzzies, we would like to present to you FREE printable Valentine's Day cards.

Now, these aren't exactly Hallmark prose. But, feel free to take your pick.

Click on the card below and it will take you to the PDF of the card that you can print out on an 8.5×11″ piece of paper. Since these are colored, be sure to select a colored printer in your vicinity. If you don't have color, no problem, these still will print out nicely on a black/white (TIP: Deselect “Fit to page” in your printer dialogue box)

When you've got it printed out, hold the paper in front of you with the artwork on top and in portrait orientation. Fold it in half (width-wise) and then fold it again (height-wise). You'll end up with a 4.5×5.5″ sized card that fits neatly into an invitation envelope.

Mr T ValentinesFront:
I ain't no fool to love you.
Happy Valentine's Day

Heart ValentineFront:
You're always in my heart.
Happy Valentine's Day

fill in the blank valentineFront:
I saved a dollar by printing this out so we could put it toward that ______ you've been wanting.
Happy Valentine's Day

bunny valentineFront:
Some bunny loves you.
Happy Valentine's Day


And, if you need something to put in the card – we also have these handy coupons you can print out.

You're welcome.

Give your Valentine a savings gift of a cheaper cell phone plan.

If you are looking for something a bit fancier, Paperless Post is another option that provides beautiful online invitations and cards, customizable just for you.

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  1. Awesome! One for each of my peoples. Easy and simple to download and print. I owe you one!

    • Happy V-day!

  2. So. AWESOME.

    Going now to print off #3 because I am definitely *that* guy! (Though I am partially blaming the snow ;))

    • Legit excuse. :)

    • God bless Rick.

    • Haha. Thx for sharing Maya

  3. Thanks, these are great!

    • :) Thanks Tamra

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