How to Make a Lego Table – with Storage Containers

lego table

charlie avatarEarlier this year my wife came to me with a picture, and said, “Build me one of these, please!” It was a picture of a Lego table with storage containers. It had some flat Lego base plates glued to a board with storage containers underneath. I thought….hmm…this table looks easy enough, I'm a man! I can tackle this small task to help organize my son's Legos! I have three sons that will eventually use this table, so I thought it would be a good investment for our family. So off I went to the hardware store.

Here is a list of what you'll need to build a Lego table like ours.

  • 1″ thick board x 40″ long x 16″ wide (we bought a 1″x48″x16″ board and cut it to spec)
  • 4 flat Lego base plates 10″ x 10″ (we got ours from Toys R Us)
  • Nonslip shelf liner (to go under the table) – optional
  • 3 Storage Containers (we got ours from Walmart for $10.99/each)
  • Super glue (make sure you buy enough, I used two full tubes)
  • Download the Lego Fonts (Here is a copy of my labels Lego Labels)
  • Maybe a circular or table saw (if you need to cut the board to length)

make-lego-tableSo you got your hardware in hand? Now the rest is pretty easy. Here is the order of what needs to be done next.

  1. Cut your board to length (1″ Width x 40″ Long x 16″ Wide).
  2. Super glue four Lego base plates side by side on the board. I used a wood brace to make sure each plate stayed in place.
  3. Once the Lego plates are secure then apply nonslip shelf liner on bottom side of the board (again this is optional).
  4. Place the completed board on top of the storage containers (with the storage containers next to each other). The width of the storage containers that I used was 38″, but we need 2 extra inches because the total length of the Lego face plates was 40″. We did this so that we didn't want to have to cut the Lego plates.
  5. Download the Lego Fonts and install on your computer.
  6. Open up Word, write labels, and print out the Lego labels for the front of the containers and apply with packing tape/clear tape.

It's as easy as that. This project probably took me a total of about an hour to complete from start to finish. The hardest part was getting all the parts together that I needed. The easy part was building it.  Here are a few of the pictures of our completed table.

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  1. My son had a train table back when he was into Thomas, and that’s now been repurposed as his Lego table.

  2. I grow up with three sisters and I can definitely confirm that barbie shoes hurt a lot more! :)

  3. Awesome! And it looks like the kiddos really enjoy it! I especially like how all the little pieces are organized and off the ground. (What hurts worse than stepping on LEGO pieces in the dark? Barbie shoes, but that is the ONLY thing that hurts more than those little things.)

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