A Merry Christmas $100 Giveaway

Christmas gifts

christmas gifts

Through the generosity of our friends at Rockstar Finance and their Community Fund we were given $100 to give away during this Christmas season.

The first thing we thought about is how can we spread this around to provide the most blessing. We all know $100 doesn't go a long way these days, but as Christians, we believe this money can be multiplied in ways we'll never see.

So we initially set out to gift it to you, our faithful readers, asking if anyone was finding the season to be a little more difficult and requesting that you might let us know as we “came into some money to be given away.”

We were humbled to get a few of your emails telling us about your situation and were able to provide some modest gifts by way of gift cards.

We also stumbled on a news story about a man who had quit his investment job and started a charity called Chemocars.org that provides free (Uber, Lyft, etc) rides to cancer patients receiving treatment. I was touched by this charity as I remember driving my own father to his chemotherapy treatments and know-how ill patients can feel from going through this. So, we donated a ride to that organization.

The remaining funds were distributed to an organization that is close to my (Aaron's) heart called Oaks Counseling – which I've had the honor to serve as a board member for several years. It's a ministry my sister-in-law runs that provides free counseling to missionaries and cross-cultural workers throughout the world. It's been going on for over 10 years now and quietly serves and ministers to help keep workers in the field and cared for.

So, I guess that is one way to gift $100. How would you have spent it?

As a thank you for being a part of our community and to celebrate our Savior's birth – we'd like to give away another $100 to our readers by way of an Amazon gift card or PayPal (winners choice).

All currently subscribed readers will be eligible for the contest and we'll select the 25th and 100th person who opens today's (12/21) email. $50 each.

Enjoy this Christmas season and we wish to thank Rockstar Finance again for their generosity. And, thanks for hanging around in our neighborhood on the internet. We appreciate you.

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  1. Thanks Aaron for keeping the true meaning of Christmas alive! My brother is a missionary in the Philippines and it sounds like your Oaks Counseling is a wonderful service.
    Merry Christmas,

    • Awesome Keith – they are doing some of the hardest / important work out there. Blessings.

  2. The Three Thrifty Guys newsletter/blog is great! Thank you for the opportunity to win – Merry Christmas to you and the team!

    • Thanks for reading Katie! Merry Christmas.

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