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Our vacation rental purchased through Travelocity

After planning for a somewhat impromptu trip over the holiday last week, I learned a handy tip to save more on travel related expenses like rental cars, hotels and even airline tickets that I’d like to share with you.

I’ve told you before about ways to save on hotel stays. And it seems that hotels are having to compete on price more since Airbnb has started making waves in the hospitality space. With the competition – at least from my limited travel experience – hotels seem to be improving their amenities and value.

For our trip last week to the Banff / Canmore area in Canada last week, we were initially looking at a number of Airbnb’s that we found a little too pricey for us. We finally settled on a “condo hotel” that was well below the Airbnb’s in the area and offered a full kitchen, living and one-bedroom suite.

Here’s a good rundown of condo hotels vs. timeshares. We also stayed at a condo hotel on our honeymoon.

Using Travelocity (you can use other travel booking sites if you prefer) is something that I learned from my brother a few years back. They generally give you a good rundown on the best deals available for a particular area and offer some better deals than you can find at the individual company’s website.

At Travelocity I was able to book the condo hotel AND get a little extra discount through this helpful trick you may not know about. Here’s the steps I took to get it.

1. First things first. I need you to install a free app to your web browser, called Honey. (The app should work on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.) I’ve written before about it and it’s a handy little guy to have when doing online shopping. It will alert you to offer codes that may be available to you before you book or purchase a product / service. It shouldn’t take you very long to install it onto your browser and will look like this when activated.

Get the Honey app

2. Now, head on over to Travelocity. It’s likely this tip will work at other booking sites – but I haven’t verified that.

3. Next, select the travel expense you’d like to search for and location with dates. For our example, I’m going to search for a hotel in the Banff area.

Enter in your destination, travel dates

4. When the results come up, select the hotel (or rental car, flight, etc) that you found to be a fair deal. After I get these initial results, I will sometimes visit the resort (or rental car, airline, etc) site to see if the offer is better than what I can get there.

5. After you select your deal, an option for paying now or just reserving it will pop up. Now, here is where it may get a little tricky but could be worth the pay-off. If you aren’t too sure you wish to book this offer, you may just want to reserve it at this time. The tip may not work however if you chose this option but it will likely guarantee you’ll be able to cancel your reservation if something comes up.

However, if you are sure this is what you want to book and want to see if you can get even better pricing, go with the “Pay now” option. Just be aware that while Travelocity may allow you to cancel this booking, the destination (rental, airline) may not and could charge you fees OR your full booking price in the event you cancel.

In this example, it looks like they are allowing me to pay now and cancel later if I have to.

5. After you select Pay Total, (or pay now), you’ll get to the screen where they’ll ask for payment. Here’s where it gets fun. The Honey app will likely sense that you are on a coupon code page and notify you of some deals it has in its memory bank (told ya, smart little guy). If a pop-up doesn’t appear underneath the Honey app button in the browser, but it has turned orange and shows a little green box on the icon with numbers, click on it to open it up. Then hit the “Apply Coupons” button to see if it can apply one to your offer.

6. I have usually had some great success getting a coupon applied to one of my Travelocity offers – so if that happens for you too, a pop-up will appear showing the savings it found.

Here, I’m going to be saving $25+ on my reservation. Not bad.

Save even more

You may also be able to save more, if you are logged in OR a new user to Travelocity. We have a special offer below for those booking at the site for participating hotels (we are an affiliate of Travelocity).

Save 10% at Travelocity with promo code TRAVELOCITYSAVE10

Offer ends 1/31/18

Have you ever used Travelocity and the Honey app to save more money? 

Here’s a video tutorial on how to do it in real-time (please subscribe to our YouTube channel!)

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