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  1. Started face painting as a side hustle a year ago. Picking up serious steam and averaging 200 euros per month profit. Forecasting more next year, as the network continues to grow. Also started offering printable face paint menus on etsy, slow but steady sales growth. Loving the passive side of digital selling! Oh, and I recentlty bought a garage box and will rent it out for 75 a month. Things are moving as planned :)

    • Iris – that is awesome! I love hearing how people are creating side hustles and what those ideas are. For me, that blog has been great, because it holds me accountable to writing about it.

  2. Charlie,
    As a subscriber, is there something I can do to increase your blog income? Do you get more if I click on an add? I am going to subscribe to your You tube channel as well. You have been very helpful this past year at helping me focus my money and creating a plan for extra income instead of just using using it for extras like coffee and eating out. Thank you.

    • Carnette – thanks so much for the kind words. I’d say if you could tell all your friends about our blog, and what articles you find interesting, then that would be the biggest help. We want people to authentically click on our advertisements and subscribe to our channel. Thanks and be sure to continue to comment on our articles! We love it!

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