Duracell 175W Power Inverter with USB Ports Review and Comparison

Duracell 175W power inverter review

During the tornado of June 2017, I went to the store to find a power inverter that I could hook up to my van to provide me a little power to recharge my home appliances. In doing so, I found the Duracell 175W inverter and gave it a try.

For those of us who had been without power for more than 36 hours, this power source came in handy. I just couldn't get myself to buy a $400 or more generator and thought this would be a close substitute. All I needed to do was charge my cell phones, so I could communicate with friends and family.

Before purchasing the Duracell 175W I had the Black&Decker 100w inverter and wasn't too pleased with it. It worked OK for the first month, then started making tons of noise. It has continued to work for us for the past five years, but it makes it hard for the kids to hear their movies.

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duracell inverter

  • Extremely quiet – this is by far the biggest thing I like about the Duracell 175W! I had read other reviews online about its quietness, but couldn't believe it could be that quiet after owning it a couple of weeks. I'm throwing away our other inverter and never looking back.
  • Multiple 110v Outlets – you don't only get one, but two outlets on this inverter! Now I don't need to lug around a power strip on my long car rides!
  • Multiple USB charging ports – previously I only had one USB port on my old unit, but now I've got two. With how a lot of electronics are moving to USB charging, then two USB ports does come in handy!
  • Supports higher wattage – compared to the Black&Decker inverter I have, the Duracell 175 will support 75 more watts than my old unit!


  • Slightly more expensive – the Black&Decker inverter costed me $24.99 (5-years ago), but the Duracell inverter will run anywhere from $24.99 – $35.99. It isn't a bad price when you compare to how much more you are getting with the Duracell.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with the Duracell 175W inverter and how quiet it was and how it was able to provide sufficient power to all my kids' devices during road trips. It not only works great on road trips, but it helped us get through the Tornado of 2016!

I'd highly recommend the Duracell Inverter, and especially if you have young kids, like I do, and want to be able to power your DVD player, Nintendo DS, or laptops, then this is the charger for you.

What is your power contingency plan? How do you plan to last long periods of time without power? What do you use to power your devices on long car trips? 

Duracell 175W Power Inverter with USB Ports


Ease of use









  • Quiet
  • Multiple outlets
  • Multiple USB ports
  • Supports high wattage


  • More expensive

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