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  1. Matthew, thanks for taking the time to write a blog and include Medi-Share! Although we aren’t completely opposed to skinny jeans, we suggest having some room to be comfortable is the best choice! :) We would be happy to explain how Medi-Share could work for your family and address your questions and concerns you may have. Let us know if you would like someone to give you a call! We also pray you find the healthcare that best fits your needs.

    • Matt, you have a few months to get answers to your valid questions…and others that will come up. E.g., is there an annual “cap” on the coverage. Or a lifetime “per illness” limit. Were I you (I’m 86 with prior insurance experience) I would go with the conventional (expensive) coverage unless you get satisfactory answers to your questions. Med costs are likely the major cause of bankruptcies for otherwise prudent people.

    • Thanks! I have had e-mail contact with Medi-Share already and I have been really encouraged and impressed so far. I will be on the phone sometime soon to talk details!

  2. I’d ask about chronic illness, too. If one of you ends up with lupus or rheumatoid arthritis or something, do you get booted from the plan? Lifetime limits would be important here too. And look at total out of pocket on top of the premium.

    Does it pay x% of the cost, or do you have a max out of pocket annually? What about Rx coverage?

    Do you get typical rates like ones insurance companies negotiate, or do you pay the cash price? A 5 day hospital stay could easily be $50k before insurance discount, so with no annual max, that could be huge.

    I don’t know the answers, but those are some questions I’d ask. Medical costs can be staggeringly high.

    • Abby – Thanks for that message…the annual and lifetime limits have been things I’ve been looking into recently and I have been encouraged by what I read. Researching Rx coverage is next on my to-do list!

  3. We are Samaritan Ministries Members and are completely happy with it! We’ve had several needs over the past few years, and all the “publishable” needs dollars have been reimbursed to us by other members. (We pay our medical bills upfront or work out a payment plan with the dr./hospital.) (Unpublishable needs would be things like dental/vision.)

    Also, Samaritan Members have access to the Karis Group — who go to bat for you and negotiate with the hospitals/dr. for lower bills. That by itself is valuable – hospitals don’t always listen to their patients.

  4. I have to admit that I don’t have any experience with medical cost sharing but I have heard some good things about it over the years. For the most part it seems like it really works. Although I don’t have any experience, so who really knows. I’ll be curious to hear what you end up doing.

  5. We are also Samaritan Ministry members and have a very high regard for them. They are actually based out of our home town of Peoria IL but the company has been growing by thousands each year. There are two different levels of membership. The lower one covers publishable costs up to $250,000. If you are a “Save-to-Share” member costs over $250,000 can be covered. It is a Christian based organization and they do a wonderful job helping their members receive the best price for a procedure. The turn around time for costs being shared by other members is also very good. The hospitals and doctors in our area have a favorable opinion of the ministry since they know they will receive their payments in a timely manner.

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