1. Scott Roder says:

    So now that you are a few months into this health sharing what are your thoughts? Have you had any doctor or ER visits to share with other members yet.
    I currently have no health insurance because an Obamacare compliant policy would cost me and my wife $1550 a month with $12,000 deductible. I simply cannot afford health insurance at that cost, I have to pay bills like food and shelter.

    • Matthew says:

      Hey Scott – thanks for the comment! I’m actually writing a quick post to update folks on how it has been so far. My experience has been great so far – BUT…isn’t everybody’s experience great when all parties have been healthy?? Haha. I’ve certainly been pleased with the monthly cost. When the rubber meets the road (or when the doctor’s reflex hammer hits my child), I’ll be able to give a more confident testimony. Stay tuned!

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