Protect Your Money Makers

This past weekend I traveled to see my in-laws, and I had a good conversation with my father-in-law while playing cards. I'd mentioned how I had almost hurt my hands, and he said to me, “You need to make sure you protect those money makers.”

Hmm. It was interesting that he referred to my hands as money makers.

I hadn't considered my hands to be “money makers”. I just considered them part of doing my job. Kind of like a given. That everyone is expected to have hands where I work. Then I got thinking, “You know what he is right. My hands are my money makers.” It continued to make me think about what else were my “money makers”. Here are a few ideas that can be a person money makers and need to be a protected asset.

  • protect money makersYour Hands – in the IT industry I need to type out hundreds of commands to make hardware and software function as my customer wants. If I'm not able to effectively do this, then they are going to find someone else who can. Often times our hands are a given, and expected to be there. Don't take them for granted.
  • Your Brain – some of the highest paid professionals (Doctors, Lawyers, etc) are paid because of all the knowledge they've stuffed in their brain and retained. It is so important to regularly exercise yours and keep it sharp. That is why in a competitive job market it pays to keep your certifications up-to-date, and pursuing those advanced degrees.
  • Your Network – like I wrote about a few weeks ago, a lot of times you are hired for a job, because of the network of friends and co-workers you have. In my case I was able to get a small referral bonus. In other high profile jobs this can come with huge monetary perks besides a referral bonus.
  • Your Ability to Automate – in my job I'm working to evolve to abilities to automate redundant processes. This can have huge benefits to me and the job I work at. This translates into great efficiency, consistent work, and the ability to do a job when you aren't even there. More and more jobs are going towards automation.
  • Your Assets – are you F.I. (financial independent) and your assets are producing more money for you to continually live off the interest? What are you doing to protect these passive income streams that is helping you maintain your lifestyle.
  • Your Back – in a lot of trade and manufacturing jobs we are required to use our backs to produce something. In a way we are trading our health over our careers for money all along the way. If our backs go out on us, then we aren't able to provide for our family. I can't tell you how important our backs are to our overall well being. Through our spine flows all of sensory nerves and if it isn't taken care of, then we can experience a lot of pain. Protect it!
  • Your Equipment – in construction jobs we are often hired for jobs based on the fact that we bring a lot of equipment and tools to our trade that can help us get the job done more efficient and cleanly. For example, backhoes and road graders are kind of important to road construction crews. Make sure you properly insure them and keep up with the general maintenance.

In my own life I've found a lot of value in protecting my mind, and my overall health. These two assets have helped me continually find a lot of purpose and passion in what I'm doing. I'm challenged daily in reviewing my goals to accomplish what do what I once believed I can't. Do what you can't!

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  1. Great point. Hell, if I didn’t have my hands I wouldn’t be able to do anything, including very valuable work (writing). It’s a good point that you should take care of anything that helps you bring in money, whether it’s a body part or equipment. Don’t treat yourself or your stuff like crap and you’ll get more out of them!

    • Couldn’t agree more Picky! I think too often we take our hands, brain, back, etc for granted! Protect what God has given you!

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