Limited Time Plan Offers From Tello

Limited time Tello offers

A big goal I have for 2017 is to focus on optimizing our money the best I can. And one of the best ways to do this is to focus on lowering expenses.

To that end, I recently made another cell phone switch from Republic Wireless to Tello. And, so far, I’m really glad I did.

The main reason is that the new phone I’m using is better and my texts seem to go through a lot faster than when I was on Republic Wireless (for some reason).

Also, I can’t beat the $10/month plan that I’m on. I can’t believe I was paying well over $70/mo for my cell phone years ago (With RW, I was initially paying $10/mo but then they changed things up and was paying about $15 or so every month)!

Tello plans
Tello Build-your-own plans

While there are still some disadvantages to being on a MVNO provider (no roaming with Tello) – I would say the pros outweigh the cons for me.

Tello’s limited time offer

We’ve had a good partnership with Tello for about almost a year now. They have alerted us to some great deals you can take advantage of with their plans:

  • 3GB only $25/month ($31/month) – $6 OFF per month
  • 2GB only $18/month ($21/month) – $3 OFF per month

The offer will be valid for 3 months for all customers: new & current.

  1. If a new customer joins he/she can benefit from this offer for the next 3 months, then the rate per month will go back to the standard one.
  2. Current users who already have a 2GB or 3GB plan >> the users will automatically benefit from the offer. They will pay less (without moving a finger) for the next 3 months, then the rate per month will go back to the standard one.
  3. Current users who have other data option (lower or higher than 2GB/3GB) >> they will have to change their plan in order to get the offer. After 3 months, the rate per month will go back to the standard one.

Customers have from Jan 12-Feb 12, 2017 to get in on this offer that will be good for 3 months. Customers can change/downgrade/upgrade their plans during the 3-months, any time they wish.

This is a great deal and a chance to get more data for less.

Check out Tello’s plans

This article was brought to you by our friends at Tello. All opinions expressed are our own. We do not earn any affiliate income from this post if you choose to sign up.

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  1. I bought a Samsung 6 for 1 cent from Sam’s Club with a 2 year contract renewal from Sprint. I have been using Sprint for many years. The phone crashed about 6 months and Sprint reset it. It is still not working right; i.e., Apps disappear, crazy messages pop up, etc.

    Anyway, can I unlock the phone and resethical it to factory condition….and get out of the contract, so I can switch to your company?

    I am a senior, but use the phone a lot. But I’m paying $70+ monthly, which is way too much.


    • Hi Martin. Thanks for stopping by. Tello uses Sprint “towers” so, the switch would probably be very easy. My recommendation is that you connect with Tello customer service to see if they can help you make the switch. They are very helpful. Visit: or by phone: 1-866-377-0294 (USA). Hope that helps!

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