How to Lower Your DIRECTV Bill

Lower Your DIRECTV Bill

charlie_imageThis past year marked our nine year anniversary of using DIRECTV for our TV service. This relationship has lasted a lot longer than I ever thought it would. However, that doesn't go without saying that the relationship hasn't had its bumps and bruises. Like any human relationship, it's about give and take, and our experience with DIRECTV hasn't been anything different.

Here is what our current service looks like:

  • “Total Choice Family Package” – 55 channels – $29.99/month*
  • DVR Services – $0.00/month for 12 months (normally a $10/month service)
  • NFL Sunday ticket – until end of current season – $0/month (normally a $325/year service)
  • Showtime – $0.00/month for four months (normally a $14/month service)
  • Taxes/Fees: about $2.22/month
  • Total Monthly Bill: $32.21/month

Some of you might be saying, “How is his bill so low?”, or “How is he getting all those extra services for free?”, or “How can I negotiate with Directv?” Part of that has been because I have been a loyal customer for nine years, but it really comes down to using The Disconnection Negotiation.

What is the Disconnection Negotiation?

lower directv billAbout 5 years ago I read online that a number of people were getting all the things I listed above for $19.99/month for being a new customer of DIRECTV. That really irked my frugal bone, and made me wonder why I couldn't get the same deal. Being the inquisitive thrifty guy that I am, I called in, and implemented my first trial of The Disconnection Negotiation. Here are the steps you too can utilize to lower your DIRECTV bill:

  1. Call DIRECTV Customer Service at 1-855-387-6898
  2. Follow the prompts to speak with a customer service representative
  3. Greet the representative by name and state you'd like to disconnect your service
  4. They'll ask for your first and last name, and the amount of your last bill. So have that on hand.
  5. State that you'd like to disconnect your service, because the bill is more than you'd like to spend.
  6. The rep will typically say that they are sorry to hear that. Ask if they have any promotional offers (ex.  Directv packages for existing customers, Directv loyalty discount, latest Directv promotions, etc) that would help you lower your bill and free services that might help you reconsider staying with DIRECTV.
  7. They'll usually offer $10 off/month, but ask if they'd be willing to throw in some extra channels too.
  8. Talk it over with your spouse, and decide

It is at this point that you really need to consider, “Is what they are offering me a good promotion or can I get a better deal with Xfinity, Dish, or Cox?” “Or should I consider cutting the cord?” If you've done your research with your other local providers and have seen what their lowest price offers are, then it will help you make a decision when it comes to step #8.

I've used this technique to continually keep my DIRECTV bill low, and it keeps DIRECTV pursuing me as a loyal customer. Even though it takes a little research as to what other options I have with my local providers, the savings will add up.

To give you an example – with my current package – if I had done nothing, I would be paying about $120+ more per year. So basically, if I was lazy, and hadn't fought for my bill, then I'd be out a lot of money over this next year.

This is one technique I use to lower my DIRECTV bill every month, but I'd like to hear your stories. How do you lower your DIRECTV, Xfinity, Cox, or Dish bills? Do you frequently switch providers? Do you use online promotion codes? Please share your money  saving stories!

*The “Total Choice Family Package” is not listed as an official package.  You will need to signup for another plan first, and then call to ask to switch to this one.  It is an extra step, but it is one of the cheapest Directv packages available.

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  1. Got my bill lowered from 170$ to 67$

    • Great to hear, Chad! Probably didn’t take you very long either did it?

    • Can I ask you if it was lowered for a set time like a promotional or “permanent” and just going to go back up on the regular increases/

      • I have been with directtv for 20+ years & have always been satisfied with their service but my bill has almost doubled since my last billing period. I was getting some promotional discounts & my bill was $50.25 for July & has increased to $98.40 for August. I called last week 09/05/2019 & talked with the the retention depart. I was told that most of my promotional discounts had ended & that means my bill will increase again for October & there were no new discounts being offered at this time. My 2 year contract expires on November 13 2019 & the CSR told me to call back then to see if any new discounts were available at that time. My service is bundled With CenturyLink my local telephone & internet provider. I have The Genie DVR with two clients in other rooms & the Select directtv package & no premium channels. I live in a rural area & my only options are CenturyLink for phone & internet With a max speed of 5 mbps at a ridiculous price of $45.00 for this slow speed which pretty much rules out any decent streaming & Direct or Dish are my only tv options. If I can’t get any discounts after my contract expires with direct my phone, internet & tv service will exceed $170.00 per month which I cannot afford. Any suggestions to help get my cost lowered would be appreciated.

        • Robert–

          Don’t know if you’ve found a solution yet, but I’ll share my satisfaction with the AT&T Rural Home Phone & Internet program. I found this discussed on my RV users’ forum a couple of years ago & really like it. Apparently this was developed to provide some competition for internet access in rural areas & small towns. The phone has been generally good, with just a few glitches–though I had virtually **no** glitches with the Straight Talk Home Phone ($15/month) from Wal-Mart, which is technically on the Verizon system. I switched to add the internet service after losing my other rural provider. I purchased this via the AT&T franchise store in my little town here in the boonies of north Missouri.

          I don’t have a cell phone that gets carried all over creation, but for $60/ month (+~$8/month for fees & taxes) I have a router that runs off the AT&T cell towers. I plug into the wall for power & then either plug a phone into the router or run a line from the router to a phone jack & all the phone jacks in the house are hot. It also comes with 250 gigs of internet. I can take it in the RV, plug into the inverter that runs the TV off the batteries charged by the solar panels & I’ve got phone & internet. I’ve not tried streaming TV with it, but the tech gurus on the RV forum who had discussed this thought it should work for streaming.

          I ditched the no-longer-local cable company about the same time & went to DTV for $50/month, which was way cheaper than the cable. My initial two-year contract is up on the 24th & the DTV is going to $90/month, so if they can’t keep it down, I may be learning how to stream TV with the internet I’ve got.

          Good Luck–Eva

          • Robert, for inexpensive phone service check out companies like Red Rocket online. This is the most reasonable company I found. You can get plans through these providers as low as $25 a month.unlimited talk/text and 1gb monthly data. With Red Rocket it’s $5 a month extra for 1.5gb You bring your own smart phone.

        • Robert, you are in my exact situation. I live rural, have DTV nearly 20yrs and internet and Verizon cell service (the only Cell provider with a signal at home) With a Verizon network extender of course) I’ll start from the top. DTV’s rate is lower than Dish for TV service now. You can get a 2yr locked In deal with Dish now which works out roughly what I’m paying for DTV now, but watch out. After your 2yr promotion ends your Dish rate will sky rocket to much more than your paying with DTV. I do the same as The person above with DTV. Call DTV’s cancellation dept often to find out what kind of discounts they can give a loyal customer of 20yrs. Just say “cancel DTV” when the computer asks what your calling about and your next answer will be “No” to are you cancelling because your moving? They’ll usually offer something by way of discounts ranging from 1 month to 12. MOs. If they’re not willing ask if you can take that up with a supervisor. That’ll help! Century Link has changed in the past year offering only the price for life. Normally internet is around $55 mo (for life) they were offering $40 mo for life at the time my contract renewed. I’m more fortunate with speed as we have a tower out here somewhere so I have 40mhps C. Link does have a program you can apply for for lower income family’s. Call Century link and ask. You can also find the application on their website. Email it in and process time is very quick. I think I get $12 something off my bill each mo. But it helps when your on a fixed income. As far as the cell service. I purchased a Centurylink network extender. My cell service went from none to pretty good. Oh! Don’t rent equipment from providers. I purchased my C.L. network extender at Best Buy for less than C.L. Charged. I purchased my C.L. internet modem/router at Best Buy on sale also. When you call your provider to hook up they will record all pertinent info from your devices. Also, I don’t purchase DTV protection plan. I’ve never had a problem getting $99+ service charges waived. Or new equipment upgrades free. Make sure that you double check with DTV that they documented that or get that info from a supervisor. I hope this helped you. I’d call C.L. also and complain about paying $45mo for slow internet! Work with a supervisor!

  2. January 5, 2018
    I had gotten my bill from December it was $122.56… I was floored because I had only been paying $70.00 a month .. so I called used the I’m gonna have to disconnect. if I can’t get it lowered … needless to say my bill was lowered by $60.00 plus as a bonus I get 4 months of Showtime free. I’m glad I ran across this site when I did . it worked wonders an they will do anything to accommodate ur needs … this was with direct tv . THANK YOU SO MUCH

    • I got a new bill for $139 from $81.. Obviously I called as stated the obvious ridiculousness of that. Told them that “this is the last straw, cancel my service” . All they offered was some free movie channels. Waiting to see what propaganda they send me to get me back, but as of 1/21/18. I am done.

      • Sean N., if you still currently have service with them, and haven’t actually disconnected yet:
        1) find (possible negotiation leverage):
        -your last 3 bill amounts, and
        -the competition’s offer for same service you have/want
        2) Call your provider and straight away, immediately ask for the “retention dept. please” or “loyalty dept. please” (If they try to talk/help you, (ex. “Is there anything I can help you with?) it’s ok to
        simply say “No thank you.”, and just wait for them to transfer you.
        3) When retention/loyalty dept answers, (**as sweet as sugar, using their name) say “Hi Joe, I’m REALLY hoping you can help me. Can you tell me if there are any promotions, specials, or what-ever,…that could help lower my bill”
        (While they start looking, they’ll make sympathetic noises, just say,) “yeah,…I’ve got to figure out something, …cause I don’t wanna lose my sanity over my tv/service,…but you know…priorities.” “I really appreciate your help, Joe!” (keep killing them with kindness and being absolutely respectful, kind, sincere and gracious. Keep thanking them, profusely! They’ll want to help you more. Also, repeat the deal back to Joe to make sure you understand.) Remember Every discount/break/deal/freebie is more than you had before, so be honestly grateful. Every time they find/do something in your favor, praise them, “Oh ok… Wow, thank you. Joe, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your helping me with this. You are a life saver!”
        (When you’re finally done:) appreciate and thank “Joe” for “going above and beyond”, “for truly making me feel like a loyal/prized customer,” “for saving my sanity,…cause I need y tv”.

        • Karla,
          You’ve hit the nail on the head. This is exactly what I do. I used to work in customer service. It doesn’t matter what kind of customer service you work by phone. I’d go out of my way to help gracious kind people. The ones who are not, forget it. They can really do what they want you know. I’ve had people that in customer service loyalty help me and although I was kind, they must have been having a bad day. In that case I ask to speak to a supervisor. 9 times out of 10 they come back after putting you on hold to find a supervisor and say, “ i talked to a supervisor and they said we can give you”…

    • How long have you been with Directv?

      • I’ve been with DirecTV for 13 years.

        • I ve been since 1999…..I hate the service since AT&T combined w DTV. Long wait on phone. The other night I wanted technical help, it took me over an hr because I was in Puerto Rica w people reading out of a book. Pissed sorry Service.
          My bill keeps getting higher & higher, I asked for promotions, no deal. After being w dtv since 1999, she told me I could get a Jennie II but would have to sign a 24 month agreement……duh r u kidding me.
          More than loyal customer & have protection plan, too.
          Any suggestions

          • I’d suggest calling back in and try and get a different customer service rep and continue to be friendly with them. This is been the most effective for me. Persistence is key!

  3. Woohoo!!! That is great to hear! I’m always glad to hear when people are saving money from our tips and tricks! Thanks for leaving a comment and don’t forget to subscribe to our e-mail subscription list so you can receive other money saving tips.

  4. Just lowered mine. It’s down from $202 (was I nuts?) to $66.98 but we lost Showtime. The operator offered me a $100 credit, too — 17 years loyal don’t ya know! Plus new equipment.

  5. Beth – good for you! I thought I had a lot of loyalty! Isn’t it amazing how a few minutes just saved you over $130/month! Crazy.

  6. Wow! This is legit! I got my payment to be reduced from $169.28 to $90! Thank you SO much for sharing this.

    • Jennifer – more than likely your bill will increase again in a year, so what I do is schedule a reminder to make sure I do the same process every year. This will help you ensure that you are continually saving money.

  7. I called ATT last night. I have cell, internet, and Directv. I’ve been with them since Directv came out in 1995. I told them I was about to cancel they lowered my internet from $54 to $40 a month and Directv from $123 to $60 a month. No negotiating or anything. Lady was very helpful.

    • Steve – that is great to hear! Being friendly with the customer service goes a long way to helping you lower your bill. Great job!

  8. Been a loyal customer with DTV for over 25 years and my bill increases slowly over 6 month period, they usual get bill down to $80. Month but within 6 months it’s back up to $150. Month. Ive been doing this for over 25 years but when I called them today, they said they have no promotions for 2018 and they’d have to leave the monthly bill where it was at almost $150 a month. I also learned that every since AT&T Purchased DTV they try to get customers to switch their cellphone provider to AT&T. They have tried getting me to switch from straighttalk. After I told them I wasn’t interested in switching cellphone providers they told me they had no customer loyalty plans for longtime customers. I told them to cancel my DTV account as of end of billing cycle which is 2/20/2018. They gave me my
    Cancel confirmation # and I was as very pleasant throughout the entire conversation. Good bye DTV.

  9. Will be calling tomorrow for my retired mom paying $140 for tv service after initially starting at $70.
    In NY, $118 is for tv, phone and internet. Florida direct TV is crazy.

  10. I called 1-800-531-5000 and said I wanted to cancel my service (bill went from $64 to $113/month after 1st year of service) and immediately got a pleasant employee that, after speaking with me for a bit, gave me $40 off/month for the remainder of my 2 yr contract. He also threw in 6 months free of the sports package. After looking over the channel packages, I moved down one level and now will be paying less ($60 vs $64) for the 2nd year of service than I did for the first; I had the package I did because it was the same price as the one I switched to for the 1st year – why not get more channels for the same price….

  11. Good to see that somebody has good luck with dtv but i was promised a 200$ rebate card and have not seen it any ideas

    • I would call back in, and provide your confirmation number. They should have on record that $200 rebate you should be getting back.

      • Sadly I just changed the Spectrum. I tried lowering my bill to no avail. Called that numerous times. The last time the person on the other man told me they would be more than happy to cut my service off for me if I was not happy. It gave me no choice but to leave. I only been with AT&T DirecTV since it was best self Bonnie

    • Call Group o and you had to have internet and DirecTV installed at the same time and did not have your first month’s bill late if you did then you would have been disqualified and if you didn’t pay on time and they would send you a white envelope with no markings on it that looks like junk mail and tells you how to redeem it and you add an additional 6 weeks

    • Yes I had the same issue the girl who did my upgrade and went above and beyond measure as someone who was just an att employee. I did receive my claim letters with a few weeks the cards took longer but read the fine print I had them tell me 45 days once and it was already mailed. It’s ur life and money so tell them if I’m not getting what’s promised why show I keep this service. U can’t squeeze blood from a turninp as my grandmother would say. I have yet to get a bill in the amount I was told. Actually higher so as with all these companies now read and key rule Nothing is FREE!

    • They promised me $400, 200 from Direct and 200 from AT&T. I ended up canceling Direct, because they wouldn’t follow through on the promised rebates. After going around and around with these jackasses, I FINALLY got $200, but lost a $10 a month discount that I was initially getting, when I canceled. So in essence I got screwed.

  12. I’ve been with them since 2002 2003 and I’ve never tried any of this stuff before I really need to I am paying way too much

  13. I currently do this with Cox each year. I live in Omaha and am happy with over-the-air channels. I use Cox for internet only. Every year, I have an appointment on my calendar to call them to negotiate a lower rate. Usually, you have to threaten to leave but they will eventually give you their lowest rate – usually what new customers are paying.

  14. Thank you for this! Got mine lowered from $150 to $63 for 12 months!

    • No problem. Happy to help!

  15. Ive been trying to get my bill lowered and I always get a rep from outside the US and all they offer me is to switch to ATT cellular service or Change Internet to get a “better” deal.

  16. I spoke with a great representative and I am down to $85.62 for 12 months with no contact. The tips you posted saved me so Thank You!!

    • Glad to hear!

      • help…the loyalty dept is not willing to help. they are charging me $101 for basic tv with 1 dvr and say we are in a contract for 2 years. It was $55. Any help would be appreciated

        • Amanda – I would recommend calling again to see if you can get a different rep. They seem to differ on what they’ll offer. If you’re in a contract however, that could be another matter.

  17. great info but i believe the phone number changed to 800 531 5000, you can save by also getting paperless, autopay and normally $10-20 discount. Try to keep from getting into a contract, that way you are still in drivers seat for future changes

    • Thanks Rod – I doubled-checked and the number we have listed still works too. Yours is easier to remember though! Appreciate the other tips.

  18. I called directv for the second time tonight and no luck getting my bill lowered in fact the last time I called when they lowered my bill they misquoted what my price would actually be going forward so I called tonight and I got the credit for the amount that the bill was was too high for but they will not offer me any future promotions or credits. Said there are none available. I even reduced my channel package last time I called in February 2019 and still they want $140 for tv and internet. So I’m letting it go as of the end of this billing cycle . Good luck to others but I’m not paying that, been a loyal customer for 4 years. Have had my att cell phone for 20 years, still no loyalty discount…nice

  19. I just called direct tv, by bill tripled. I told them I can’t afford and I would need to cancel. I was very nice. They told me that there were no promotions to offer me at this time. I politely asked why, she explained that I have been a loyal customer for 3 years and have done nothing wrong. She said that sometimes the computer allows them to five promotional discounts and sometime it doesn’t. She have me a one time $20 discount and advised me to call back next month but couldn’t make any promises. I didn’t make my payment and am considering changing providers once I do my research.
    …very disappointing

    • Hi Sherry – did you try asking for the retention dept?

      • Hi Aaron. Yes, that’s who I spoke to.
        I did this last year and was able to lower my bill. It just didn’t work for me this time. I did the same thing last month and they offered me a $40 discount and asked me to call back this month. Just isn’t working for me this time.

      • Ok, so I called back today and simply said “i need to pay my balance and cancel my service” (I did not say, I need to cancel my service and can I please spell to your retention department). …as I have done for the last 2 months and got nothing. They asked me a million questions and the call took about 2 hours, but I got my bill back down to what it was before. So, I guess they may be catching on to the “can I speak to the retention department ‘
        Took some work but it paid off at the end of the day…well at the end of the 2 months, lol

    • I called yesterday because my discounts had expired a couple of months ago. Politely explained that I needed to cancel because my bill was simply too high. All they offered was $15 a month discount so I set up a disconnection date. Haven’t heard anything back from them yet.

      • Follow up. Called back after receivIng a win back offer via email, but since my account disconnection hadn’t taken effect yet, the agent could only offer me $65 a month off for 12 months to stay. I took the discount and stayed with Direct TV. If the first agent I had spoken to would have given me that offer straight away I would have never set up a disconnection date to begin with. It really does come down to what pops up on the screen of the particular agent you’re talking to at any given time it seems. Best advice is just keep calling and eventually you’ll get the agent who is able to give you a significant discount.

  20. I just called the 1-800-531-5000 number for the 2nd year in a row (I said I was thinking about cancelling my service and got sent straight to the retention dept.) and got an even better deal that last year (see my comment from Feb 7th 2018 posted below)! My bill went from $38 (for the Entertainment package) to $78 when my previous discount expired yesterday and today the rep knocked $60 off and I’ll be paying $18 for the next 12 months. I didn’t agree to anything extra or switch my cell service (although I politely let him go through the spiel about why I should switch to AT&T…) and I’ll be paying $20 less than the past 12 months. My current bill couldn’t be knocked all the way down but he even took $25 off that so it’s down to $53; I just checked my account and that credit has already been applied. The entire call lasted 28 mins.

    What discounts you are offered totally depends on what rep happens to pick up your call and that sucks but it is what it is; I’d say if you don’t like the offer you’re getting to hang up and start over again with someone totally new. I was respectful and didn’t demand anything (and all I said to start the process was that my discounts from last year just expired and I wanted to see what they could do for me otherwise I was thinking about cancelling my service) and the rep did all of the work; I almost felt guilty asking him to deal w/my current bill because of how much he’d knocked off the next 12 months but I asked and they reduced it too!

  21. I have been with direct tv for going on 2 years now and in that time the bill has continually gone up, its never the same for 2 months in a row I have cancelled all channels but basic service and now my bill is more than double I’m disabled and on a fixed income so my budget is pretty tight, antennas don’t work out here so I’m stuck with direct because most other companies say they don’t service this area, and whats even more frustrating is even trying to get a definite day to view my bill and because they went up so much on this months bill I don’t have the money to pay it, and its impossible to make out a budget when I get paid due to their unreliability, I’m trying every avenue to get a little relief from this problem and get things more affordable is it even legal for them to increase the bill by more than double?

    • Sorry to hear you are having issues with your DirecTV bill, Helen. I know these providers do have increases after a year or so – but to have it go up as often as you state, is troubling. I’d be curious to know if there are any other services attached to your bill you may not know about / being charged for.

    • I paid 59 for a year told me it was good for 2 years they raised it to $101 for the lowest pkg and 2 boxes . I have no internet or phone through them. Its ridiculous price. If it rains or snows my tv goes out

      • That does seem like a higher than normal price for those services, Caroline.

  22. I’ve been with Direct TV since 1986. I started calling Direct TV 2 weeks prior to my move to NC. I have nothing good to say about their move dept. (5 yrs ago I moved and it was a breeze). I have since moved and they have not disconnected my service nor have they moved my service to my new address. I also have complained about my bill for the past two yrs since it went up over 30$ per month and gotten nothing more than a royal run around. I am cancelling my service- actually on the phone with that dept now. I will miss OANN and Newsmax the most but not the high fee or speaking to someone in Asia who doesn’t give a rats behind about Lori in NC.

    • I understand fully. I called for an explanation about changes on my bill. The first call goes to someone in Southern Asia and he wants to hook me up with a 100 dollar gift card at Walmart. I told him I did not want that. All this after 4 call prompts about the same thing. So he says he can’t help me and hangs up. I call back and someone else I presume, who lives in the same part of the world explains the changes after I stay on hold and figure it out for myself. That call drops and 5 minutes later I get a callback, 1 point in their favor. I go through the “boy this bill is getting high, any specials, it’s getting hard to pay”. And then I’m put on hold for 5 more minutes only to be told there are no promotion plans. Conceptually, the article may be correct but experience tells me, and this is not the first time, that you’ll usually get nowhere after listening to multiple call prompts and being placed on hold several times. It isn’t worth the aggravation.

  23. when I first got mine they said that they gave me a promotion for 2 years that price at $40 a month and now the prices skyrocketed some deal huh

  24. I have had direct tv for at least 10 yrs. my bill was stable in PA but since moving to NC it constantly increases. Since moving over a year ago, it has nearly doubled. I have noticed since AT&T took over, the discounts have dried up and they use an off shore call center who gives me NO confidence they know what they are talking about.

  25. I just called…asked to speak to rep.
    I told rep my bill just went up because of last promo had expired and I really couldn’t afford to pay the bill (which is an outrageous $221 a month). He even agreed that was a lot.
    I asked nicely if there were any promotions he could offer me and he gave me $37 off a month for a year. I then asked if there was anything else he could do because it was really still too expensive and he gave me a $25 credit off next bill. He told me to call back next month to see if there was any other promos that could be offered to me.
    Took about 7 mins on phone.

    • Great to hear Sue!

  26. That method USED to work. Not anymore.
    I too, had DirectV give me a deal to stay on ($50 off per month for 12 months)
    That was then.

    This past week, after it expired, I tried to get a similar deal , no luck.
    Best they’d do is take $15 off per month (12 months) I told them unless they can make the deal better, I was going to call their competition to see what better deal I can get from them, and the next call they receive from me will be to cancel the service.

    The “Loyalty tech” told me sorry, that’s it…. $15 off is the best they can do.

    So they are now willing to say bye bye to longtime, loyal customers.

    • Same thing happened to me today!! I cancelled!

  27. Question:
    To try & get a better deal, Is it better to try this during a certain part of the day? (rather than in the evening)

    I may keep calling until I can get a rep that will satisfy my request.

    Any other tips?

    • Hi Bill. This is what we’d recommend – sometimes it is best to call again and get another rep – they may be more flexible or willing to lower your bill. Best.

  28. I just called as my $45 discount expired this month. Talked with Sean. He was able to get me $30 off for 12 months and then after that applied, talked with his supervisor and got additional $15 off so. So back to what I was getting last year. Sean was great.

    • Awesome!

  29. I’m dealing with my bill going up significantly and I called the number in the article 855-387-6898 and it was for adding the NFL Sunday ticket with no other options, even though I pressed 2, then 3. Does anyone else have a number beside the 800-531-5000?

  30. I lowered my bill by canceling their service. Went from $160 a month to $0. After nine years of my bill steadily creeping up I decided to look for cheaper options. And am I glad I did. I discovered streaming and now have even more TV at a third of the cost.

    • Streaming is great but where I live there is no affordable internet service. My only internet is through my phone mobile network. I would love to find good internet but my phone doesnt pickup well enough most times to even keep z phone call going without disconnects.

  31. Whenever I call to lower my bill they do it for 12 months only but they say I have to sign a 24 month contract again, I’ve been with them 15 years.
    Is there any way to get a discount without a 2 year contract?

  32. I am a 24+ year customer of DTV. About 6 years ago, I got tired of high bills when new comers were getting same thing cheap. I called them up and automatically asked for the next higher person because the first person will not be able to offer anything to you. I have been getting $25-$35 a month for a year discount. This past year they gave me $60 month for 12 months. If they say they don’t have anything to offer, just tell them you are going to turn it off then. Keep pushing, they will find stuff to give you!

  33. I wanted to lower my Directv bill. I have been affected by the coronavirus. I have the cheapest package which has (all included). Since I have that, I can not change to a cheaper package. I can only upgrade to a higher priced package. I asked to speak with a supervisor and while getting transferred I got disconnected. About fed up with this. I can take my business elsewhere if that is what needs to happen.

    • You might want to try calling and talking with them again, be nice to them and just explain your situation. I did it today and it actually worked for me. My promotion just ended this month and I knew that my bill was going to back up to about $160+ and I explained that I was impacted due to the Covid-19 (my part-time job has been furloughed for two months now without pay) and I was really really nice and praising them and the guy ended up getting me $40 discount for 12 months on top of the $10 off a month since I am automatic payments. So, I think it depends on when you call, who you get, and what you say them and how you treat them.

  34. I am sure I am a long time customer and will appreciate some “loyalty” consideration

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