How to Lower Your DIRECTV Bill

charlie_imageThis past year marked our nine year anniversary of using DIRECTV for our TV service. This relationship has lasted a lot longer than I ever thought it would. However, that doesn’t go without saying that the relationship hasn’t had its bumps and bruises. Like any human relationship, it’s about give and take, and our experience with DIRECTV hasn’t been anything different.

Here is what our current service looks like:

  • “Total Choice Family Package” – 55 channels – $29.99/month
  • DVR Services – $0.00/month for 12 months (normally a $10/month service)
  • NFL Sunday ticket – until end of 2014 season – $0/month (normally a $325/year service)
  • Showtime – $0.00/month for four months (normally a $14/month service)
  • Taxes/Fees: about $2.22/month
  • Total Monthly Bill: $32.21/month

Some of you might be saying, “How is his bill so low?”, or “How is he getting all those extra services for free?” Part of that has been because I have been a loyal customer for nine years, but it really comes down to using The Disconnection Negotiation.

What is the Disconnection Negotiation?

lower directv billAbout 5 years ago I read of a number of people on that were getting all the things I listed above for $19.99/month for being a new customer of DIRECTV. That really irked my frugal bone, and made me wonder why I couldn’t get the same deal. Being the inquisitive thrifty guy that I am, I called in, and implemented my first trial of The Disconnection Negotiation. Here are the steps you too can utilize to lower your DIRECTV bill:

  1. Call DIRECTV Customer Service at 1-855-387-6898
  2. Press option #2 and option #3 to go to the cancel service center
  3. Greet the representative by name and state you’d like to disconnect your service
  4. They’ll ask for your first and last name, and the amount of your last bill. So have that on hand.
  5. State that you’d like to disconnect your service, because the bill is more than you’d like to spend.
  6. The rep will typically say that they are sorry to hear that. Ask if they have any promotional offers that would help you lower your bill and free services that might help you reconsider staying with DIRECTV.
  7. They’ll usually offer $10 off/month, but ask if they’d be willing to throw in some extra channels too.
  8. Talk it over with your spouse, and decide

It is at this point that you really need to consider, “Is what they are offering me a good promotion or can I get a better deal with Comcast, Dish, or Cox?” If you’ve done your research with your other local providers and have seen what their lowest price offers are, then it will help you make a decision when it comes to step #8.

I’ve used this technique to continually keep my DIRECTV bill low, and it keeps DIRECTV pursuing me as a loyal customer. Even though it takes a little research as to what other options I have with my local providers, the savings will add up.

To give you an example – with my current package – if I had done nothing, I would be paying about $120+ more per year. So basically, if I was lazy, and hadn’t fought for my bill, then I’d be out a lot of money over this next year.

This is one technique I use to lower my DIRECTV bill every month, but I’d like to hear your stories. How do you lower your DIRECTV, Comcast, Cox, or Dish bills? Do you frequently switch providers? Do you use online promotion codes? Please share your money  saving stories!

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  1. rod A says:

    great info but i believe the phone number changed to 800 531 5000, you can save by also getting paperless, autopay and normally $10-20 discount. Try to keep from getting into a contract, that way you are still in drivers seat for future changes

    • Aaron says:

      Thanks Rod – I doubled-checked and the number we have listed still works too. Yours is easier to remember though! Appreciate the other tips.

  2. Virginia Yoder says:

    I spoke with a great representative and I am down to $85.62 for 12 months with no contact. The tips you posted saved me so Thank You!!

      • amanda says:

        help…the loyalty dept is not willing to help. they are charging me $101 for basic tv with 1 dvr and say we are in a contract for 2 years. It was $55. Any help would be appreciated

        • Aaron says:

          Amanda – I would recommend calling again to see if you can get a different rep. They seem to differ on what they’ll offer. If you’re in a contract however, that could be another matter.

  3. Jake says:

    Ive been trying to get my bill lowered and I always get a rep from outside the US and all they offer me is to switch to ATT cellular service or Change Internet to get a “better” deal.

  4. I currently do this with Cox each year. I live in Omaha and am happy with over-the-air channels. I use Cox for internet only. Every year, I have an appointment on my calendar to call them to negotiate a lower rate. Usually, you have to threaten to leave but they will eventually give you their lowest rate – usually what new customers are paying.

  5. Jackie Trenary says:

    I’ve been with them since 2002 2003 and I’ve never tried any of this stuff before I really need to I am paying way too much

    • Anonymous says:

      Call Group o and you had to have internet and DirecTV installed at the same time and did not have your first month’s bill late if you did then you would have been disqualified and if you didn’t pay on time and they would send you a white envelope with no markings on it that looks like junk mail and tells you how to redeem it and you add an additional 6 weeks

    • Michelle says:

      Yes I had the same issue the girl who did my upgrade and went above and beyond measure as someone who was just an att employee. I did receive my claim letters with a few weeks the cards took longer but read the fine print I had them tell me 45 days once and it was already mailed. It’s ur life and money so tell them if I’m not getting what’s promised why show I keep this service. U can’t squeeze blood from a turninp as my grandmother would say. I have yet to get a bill in the amount I was told. Actually higher so as with all these companies now read and key rule Nothing is FREE!

    • Tracy R. says:

      They promised me $400, 200 from Direct and 200 from AT&T. I ended up canceling Direct, because they wouldn’t follow through on the promised rebates. After going around and around with these jackasses, I FINALLY got $200, but lost a $10 a month discount that I was initially getting, when I canceled. So in essence I got screwed.

  6. Tim says:

    I called 1-800-531-5000 and said I wanted to cancel my service (bill went from $64 to $113/month after 1st year of service) and immediately got a pleasant employee that, after speaking with me for a bit, gave me $40 off/month for the remainder of my 2 yr contract. He also threw in 6 months free of the sports package. After looking over the channel packages, I moved down one level and now will be paying less ($60 vs $64) for the 2nd year of service than I did for the first; I had the package I did because it was the same price as the one I switched to for the 1st year – why not get more channels for the same price….

  7. Marcy says:

    Will be calling tomorrow for my retired mom paying $140 for tv service after initially starting at $70.
    In NY, $118 is for tv, phone and internet. Florida direct TV is crazy.

  8. Patricia Weaver says:

    Been a loyal customer with DTV for over 25 years and my bill increases slowly over 6 month period, they usual get bill down to $80. Month but within 6 months it’s back up to $150. Month. Ive been doing this for over 25 years but when I called them today, they said they have no promotions for 2018 and they’d have to leave the monthly bill where it was at almost $150 a month. I also learned that every since AT&T Purchased DTV they try to get customers to switch their cellphone provider to AT&T. They have tried getting me to switch from straighttalk. After I told them I wasn’t interested in switching cellphone providers they told me they had no customer loyalty plans for longtime customers. I told them to cancel my DTV account as of end of billing cycle which is 2/20/2018. They gave me my
    Cancel confirmation # and I was as very pleasant throughout the entire conversation. Good bye DTV.

  9. steve says:

    I called ATT last night. I have cell, internet, and Directv. I’ve been with them since Directv came out in 1995. I told them I was about to cancel they lowered my internet from $54 to $40 a month and Directv from $123 to $60 a month. No negotiating or anything. Lady was very helpful.

    • Charlie says:

      Steve – that is great to hear! Being friendly with the customer service goes a long way to helping you lower your bill. Great job!

    • Charlie says:

      Jennifer – more than likely your bill will increase again in a year, so what I do is schedule a reminder to make sure I do the same process every year. This will help you ensure that you are continually saving money.

  10. Charlie says:

    Beth – good for you! I thought I had a lot of loyalty! Isn’t it amazing how a few minutes just saved you over $130/month! Crazy.

  11. Beth Halper says:

    Just lowered mine. It’s down from $202 (was I nuts?) to $66.98 but we lost Showtime. The operator offered me a $100 credit, too — 17 years loyal don’t ya know! Plus new equipment.

  12. Charlie says:

    Woohoo!!! That is great to hear! I’m always glad to hear when people are saving money from our tips and tricks! Thanks for leaving a comment and don’t forget to subscribe to our e-mail subscription list so you can receive other money saving tips.

  13. Melody says:

    January 5, 2018
    I had gotten my bill from December it was $122.56… I was floored because I had only been paying $70.00 a month .. so I called used the I’m gonna have to disconnect. if I can’t get it lowered … needless to say my bill was lowered by $60.00 plus as a bonus I get 4 months of Showtime free. I’m glad I ran across this site when I did . it worked wonders an they will do anything to accommodate ur needs … this was with direct tv . THANK YOU SO MUCH

    • Sean N says:

      I got a new bill for $139 from $81.. Obviously I called as stated the obvious ridiculousness of that. Told them that “this is the last straw, cancel my service” . All they offered was some free movie channels. Waiting to see what propaganda they send me to get me back, but as of 1/21/18. I am done.

      • Sean N., if you still currently have service with them, and haven’t actually disconnected yet:
        1) find (possible negotiation leverage):
        -your last 3 bill amounts, and
        -the competition’s offer for same service you have/want
        2) Call your provider and straight away, immediately ask for the “retention dept. please” or “loyalty dept. please” (If they try to talk/help you, (ex. “Is there anything I can help you with?) it’s ok to
        simply say “No thank you.”, and just wait for them to transfer you.
        3) When retention/loyalty dept answers, (**as sweet as sugar, using their name) say “Hi Joe, I’m REALLY hoping you can help me. Can you tell me if there are any promotions, specials, or what-ever,…that could help lower my bill”
        (While they start looking, they’ll make sympathetic noises, just say,) “yeah,…I’ve got to figure out something, …cause I don’t wanna lose my sanity over my tv/service,…but you know…priorities.” “I really appreciate your help, Joe!” (keep killing them with kindness and being absolutely respectful, kind, sincere and gracious. Keep thanking them, profusely! They’ll want to help you more. Also, repeat the deal back to Joe to make sure you understand.) Remember Every discount/break/deal/freebie is more than you had before, so be honestly grateful. Every time they find/do something in your favor, praise them, “Oh ok… Wow, thank you. Joe, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your helping me with this. You are a life saver!”
        (When you’re finally done:) appreciate and thank “Joe” for “going above and beyond”, “for truly making me feel like a loyal/prized customer,” “for saving my sanity,…cause I need y tv”.

        • Nancy Webb says:

          I ve been since 1999…..I hate the service since AT&T combined w DTV. Long wait on phone. The other night I wanted technical help, it took me over an hr because I was in Puerto Rica w people reading out of a book. Pissed sorry Service.
          My bill keeps getting higher & higher, I asked for promotions, no deal. After being w dtv since 1999, she told me I could get a Jennie II but would have to sign a 24 month agreement……duh r u kidding me.
          More than loyal customer & have protection plan, too.
          Any suggestions

          • Charlie says:

            I’d suggest calling back in and try and get a different customer service rep and continue to be friendly with them. This is been the most effective for me. Persistence is key!

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