How to Get the Best Deals on the Best Appliances

What to do you do when your appliances are old? I bought my house 12 years ago this May and had to purchase appliances that didn't come with the house. I've been fortunate to have none of my home appliances completely fail and need to be replaced. However, I know the day is coming, and sooner rather than later.

When I break it down to what appliances I'm talking about it would include: stove, dishwasher, fridge, washer, and dryer. So, if I give estimates of how much I paid for each it would be:

  • Stove – came with the house, but I'd estimate costed $700
  • Dishwasher – also came with the house, about $500
  • Fridge – $1100
  • Washer – $550
  • Dryer – $550

Total Costs in 2005: $3,400
Average Cost Per Year: $283

Fast forward 12 years and I know these costs have increased. I'd estimate, at retail, that we'd pay about

  • Stove – $1500
  • Dishwasher – $800
  • Fridge – $2300
  • Washer – $900
  • Dryer – $900

Total Costs in 2017: $6400

get the best deal on appliancesIt is amazing how much inflation really increases over what seems to be a few short years! Nonetheless, it is inevitable that these appliances will fail. As our family has grown to a family of five over the last 12 years too, I know these appliances have taken even more abuse. With that said, I know after about 10 years I should expect that failure is soon approaching. So what do I do about it?

  1. Research – consider using to start researching which appliances are consistently out ranking the others. This service will usually cost you, but you can save a lot by buying the right appliance the first time as opposed to a lemon! [Your local library may grant you digital access to Consumer Reports for free].
  2. Buy Before Failure – don't be forced into buying something when it fails. Consider buying your appliance before it fails. This way you can shop around, and get the best deal when you want to. You won't be forced to pay full price, but can get the price that you want.
  3. Consider Buying Used – have you considered buying your next appliance off Craigslist or eBay? Buying used will save you a lot of money over the retail price. Shop around and see if you can get by with an appliance that is slightly used. You can even find brand new appliances on Craigslist that will give you steep discounts compared to retail. The big question here is whether you can live without any type of warranty!
  4. Stacking up on Coupons – if you know which store you are going to be buying your appliance(s) from, then start collecting coupons! A lot of stores will even allow you to use competitor coupons at their store and even stack them. I use eBay a lot of times to get my coupons for stores like Lowe's and Home Depot. If you are buying a $2,300 fridge and you can get a 20% off coupon from eBay, then this can save you about $460. Be aware of the fine print on the coupons too, because often times the max you can save is about $500. Also call your retailer ahead of purchasing your coupon to see if they will honor competitors coupons.[Also, you can try discounted gift cards with decent savings upfront.]
  5. Watching for Deals – be a hawk on your local advertisements for sales on appliances. So say that you are being diligent in watching for deals and you can strike 20% off retail on that same fridge. Combine that 20% discount advertisement pricing with a 20% off coupon that you scored from eBay, then you can get a brand new fridge for $1472 + tax ($2300 * .80 =  $1840 * .80 = $1472). Not too bad for a little bit of work.
  6. Ask about purchasing the floor models – often time retailers will offer 20-40% off the floor model just because it has a few bumps, scraps, and dirt smudges. Ask a clerk if they'd be willing to sell the floor model and what type of discount they'd be willing to give. Don't go with their first offer either.

Well these are just a few tips I prepare to purchase new appliances to replace my aging appliances. I know I've missed a few other ideas. What ideas do you have to save a few dollars on your next appliance purchase?

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  1. I find it smart to check the latest deals and promotions in the local market to buy good quality appliances at a lower cost; not only this will save you money, but also time since you can buy more items because of the budget you initially allotted for it. I was looking to buy a fridge because the current one I got is way too old already. We all know that fridges can be pricey and it will be great to find a reputable appliance company that can provide me with all the options at a reasonable price.

  2. I just bought a new washer at Home Depot. No surprise but some of the lowest prices are around Black Friday which was also mentioned by the store associate. I bought a HD coupon off ebay and it wouldnt work for the washer because of the way they had my washer discounted on sale. However, the sale price was much better than the regular price then using the 10% off coupon. Also, the model I chose had a $50 Energy star rebate for my state. Using discounted gift cards is a good idea or some credit cards may let you earn bonus points etc for home improvement stores etc.

  3. We bought a house back in September and are learning aaaaall about appliances right now unfortunately.

    Our home came with older used appliances, which we replaced during our remodel. Strangely enough, the old appliances were gross-looking but worked just fine; our new appliances have been the trouble-makers. We’ve had issues with our new fridge and new dishwasher–and they weren’t cheap either. Sigh.

    We saved money on our appliances through Best Buy. We had a membership with them that earned a certain percentage off, gift card rebates, and free installation/delivery. We used a price match to score $200 off our double oven, too.

    • Funny how that works out MPP (old beats new)..

  4. I just bought a microwave and my tip would be to check your local community. Some neighbors may be remodeling and switching out appliances just because they want a different look.

    • Excellent advice Allison!

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