Helpful Senior Citizen Benefits (Written By a Senior)

benefits for seniors

benefits for seniors

The following is a guest post by my mother who is debt-free and lives very modestly in Small Town, USA. While she does not work for pay, she spends time blessing others by giving of herself and her time. 

My son has invited me to write an article for this blog about senior citizen benefits. I share his enthusiasm for helping others with information that I’ve learned, so I will give this a try.

When I first received my Medicare card in the mail, I thought it was a mistake, but upon reevaluating the situation I realized the card was for me! It’s amazing….I’ve heard the statement, “I didn’t think I’d get old this soon!” and now I know what it means. However, there are some benefits to aging like having grandchildren to spoil and—if you are fortunate enough not to have to work—being able to sleep in.

But on the more serious side of things, getting a reduced rate with your health insurance is a huge benefit. I’ve been paying $600 a month prior to becoming a Medicare recipient and it dropped to $105 which is taken out of my Social Security check and then my supplement which came to $48 and now $52. I have a very basic plan with UCare with an RX plan. I had heard from the beginning when I turned 65, that it was important to take out the Medicare part D plan, even if you aren’t presently taking any medications as you could be penalized at a later date if you had a need for medications. I’m very blessed that I don’t take any medications on a regular basis and am in very good health, which I thank God for. To find out eligibility requirements for Medicare go to provides a helpful calculator and ability to determine eligibility for benefits at their site.

As a senior, I'm able to come under the “pleasure driving” category for my car insurance as I don’t drive that many miles per year. I also take the AARP “55 Alive” class every 3 years to get a 10 percent discount. The class is worth taking because of the discount and also it is a good refresher on the rules of the road and also to find out about any new laws that are in place. More information can be found online for fees and locations where classes are being held.

There is also another group called the Senior Linkage Line which is a free service to Minnesotan’s and they will help you with most any question that you might have. The phone number is 1-800-333-2433.

Of course there are the various discounts that many stores, restaurants, etc. offer to seniors as well. To find these discounts you can Google: “discounts for senior citizens” and check your local stores to see what they offer. The age range varies from 50 on up.

If you are also a senior citizen, what are some of the benefits that you’ve been able to find?

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  1. We’re pleased that you find your UCare Medicare membership of value! We’re happy that you’re enjoying good health and we thank you for making us one of your thrifty choices.

    We invite all Three Thrifty Guys readers with questions about Medicare and our different Medicare Advantage plan options to call our friendly and knowledgeable team at UCare: 612-676-3500 or 1-877-523-1518 toll free. More info also is at

    • Your readers may want to know that our UCare for Seniors Medicare plans are offered only in Minnesota – and, if you live in the northland, we also offer a Medicare plan called EssentiaCare in partnership with Duluth-based Essentia Health. ;-D

      • Thanks for the info Deanne!

  2. This is a perfectly timed article. My parents are both getting closer to medicare age so I plan to send this article to them to review. Thanks for sharing these useful tips :)

  3. Check your state’s Medicare Advantage plans that may include prescription drug coverage at no extra charge or little cost, as well as free fitness club memberships. Compare plans with each other as well as well as with original Medicare. They are required to include the same benefits as original Medicare, but have additional benefits.
    I reduce housing expense by renting a room to another older female. We each have our own room and bathroom, but share living room, kitchen and household utilities and internet.. We both have free built-in caretakers for our respective pets, when the other one is out of town.

    • Thanks for the tips!

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