How Much it Costs to Propose During a Major League Baseball Game

baseball stadium proposal

baseball stadium proposal

With the World Series upon us, I stumbled upon a fun article about how much you'll need to shell out to propose to your special someone at a major league baseball stadium.

Just this past summer I was at a Twins game with my brother and nephew and during the middle of the game, our attention turned to the big screen where an unsuspecting gal was about to get the proposal she would never forget. The nervous fella got on his knee and and with a look of dismay on her face—and no time to waste—he popped the question and she immediately covered her mouth and nodded her head. The couple hugged and it was back to the ballgame.

Little did I know the moment was bought at a $209 price-tag.

So how much are other teams charging?

These big-screen marriage proposals vary widely from team to team.

Here's a look at what some others charge per proposal and what they offer:

    On-field proposal at one of the season’s 15 post-game fireworks nights. (In-game proposals not offered.) Call (216) 420-HITS.
    Message displayed on scoreboard (limit one per game). Includes commemorative print and digital copy of the proposal.
    Proposal featured live on video board (limit of one per game). Includes a dozen roses and commemorative DVD.
    This is the highest rate charged by a baseball stadium.

Not every team allows marriage proposals however. The Angels, Royals and Orioles are a few of the 5 who do not.

And, an important item to note: all proceeds from these proposals go to charity.

Would you pay a couple hundred dollars to propose in front of thousands of baseball fans?

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  1. Spend money on the proposal to get your face highlighted for the world to see. Not a bad deal but no way to save money.

  2. Nope, won’t do that (even though the prices are not even unreasonable and go to charity). We are much more private and don’t really like being in the spot light. But we would be too late anyways. Mrs. CF ask Mr. CF many year ago already :-) Would rather spend the money on the honey moon!

    • Great point – spend it on the honeymoon!

  3. Oh gosh, I would never have done this. Ms. FP would’ve killed me if I ever did something as cliche as proposing at a baseball game! I’m a bit surprised it doesn’t cost more. I always thought these were even more expensive!

    • I agree. $2500 is pretty steep though! :)

  4. I don’t think a public proposal was ever something I would have considered. Too many nerves and too many eyes in case she were to say no!

    • I’m with you on that – you almost need a 100% return on investment ;)

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