The Best $50 I’ve Ever Spent

Aaron AvatarIt was the spring of 2009 and I was feeling lonely.

Just a year earlier, I had paid off the remaining balance on my student loan (becoming debt-free*), purchased my first home, was generally content at my full-time job and meeting new friends at a new church home. (*except for the house I just purchased).

I really had all I needed. And, most importantly, I had the One I needed – saved by the grace of God (Yea, I know this sounds cheesy to the non-Christian out there). 

All in all, life was going pretty good.

Except, I had been feeling like something was missing. Or, a better way to say it: I wanted a partner.


My first foray into online dating

In 2002, I heard about a newer online match-making service that some folks were raving about. I reluctantly submitted my profile, got matched up with a neat gal and dated for 3 months til she brought me down to earth with the shattering news: “Aaron, I don't think you're the one God wants me to marry.

I can still hear and feel those words to this day.

How could anyone not want to spend the rest of their life with me?” I thought to myself.

While I was deeply hurt, it was a good awakening for me and allowed God to work through some much-needed issues in my life at the time and set me on a different course for my life (which included – among other things – getting out of debt).

Years later, I did get back into traditional dating, met another swell gal and we almost married. Yet, the timing was not right and we eventually went our separate ways.

My second adventure in online dating

So in 2009, I was ready to try my hand at online match-making again. By this time, I had known a few friends who met their spouses online and knew they were well-matched and the marriages were working out. I plucked down my $50 to setup a new profile and began my 2nd online dating adventure.

I committed to giving online dating one more month. During that time, I figured I would meet the person I was to marry and settle down.

After two unsuccessful dates (in which one of the matches was more engaged with the child in the booth behind us than myself), I had one more week to go on my membership. It was now or never (or so I thought).

In that last week, I was matched with a lovely lady that I sped through the get-to-know-ya process with. Within a week, we were talking and out on our first date. I soon found out we were in the same junior high together (same page of the yearbook and band class), enjoyed our meat cooked “hockey puck” style and loved Jesus.

Our times together were easy and not “forced” and I got the sense we were put together by divine providence.

Eight months later, I proposed to her and were married within 25 days in a small, family and friends gathering of about 20 people. We didn't go deep-into-debt from the wedding and the honeymoon was paid for by the gracious gifts received from our guests.

Now, almost 7 years later, I thank God He matched us together and she has put up with me all this time. While, we've definitely had our struggles – it has been a sweet bond.

It still remains, the best $50 I have ever spent.

blankblankeHarmony is who I used to find my wife. We get a small commission if you decide to sign-up via this ad above – at no cost to you. Just keeping it real here.

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  1. That’s awesome. I did a lot of online dating back in the day, as I was pretty shy and never had any luck at the bar scene, even though I enjoyed going out. Of course, how did I meet my now wife? At a bar, of course :) You just never know how it’s all going to work out, but it’s sure fun to get there.

    • Ha! Funny how it all plays out in the end.

  2. Thanks – great story Aaron. Shared this story with my unwed brother. I told him “what is there to lose?” in trying….I met a couple last week who said they had met the same way years ago – it really can work.

    • Thanks Bjorn. Yeah, never would have thought I’d meet the Mrs. this way – but it was a good decision. :)

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