Passive Income Streams: May 2016 Report

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charlie_imageIt sure seems like 2016 is moving faster and faster each month. I keep trying to make time to make monthly goals, like I’ve talked about recently, but the months keep speeding away. It just comes down to that I haven’t made the time to set what is a priority, and focus on accomplishing a small set of goals.

Regardless, this year hasn’t been one of disappointment, but has required a lot of adaptability to change. My job has been changing a lot and in the next four months I’m going to having to switch job/employers/roles. For a guy that has only switched jobs twice in the last 18 years it makes it difficult to be willing to adapt. I have significantly seen the Lord going ahead of my family and I and providing multiple options for me and my future employment at my current pay and significantly higher. I’ve seen how He’s just asked me to trust Him, and know that He’ll provide. I can see how He has asked me to be faithful with where I’m at, work hard, not get involved in “water cooler talk”, and trust Him. With this season of change I’ve learned a lot more about #1) he who is faithful with a little will be entrusted with more, and #2) the Lord provides for the birds of the air, and how much more valuable I am then they (Matthew 6:26 reference)?

This past months a couple of significant things I started working on were getting re-certified in VMware VCP for Rubygetting advanced placement in my job, started making more money from MTURK, and we are in the process of purchasing our first family dog (she is a Golden Retriever). After our farmhouse purchase fell through, we decided not to put buying a family dog on hold, and put a down payment on a puppy Retriever. It is set to arrive on Father’s Day weekend, and we are excited to welcome a female baby Golden Retriever into our home! Exciting times for my whole family, but a lot of nervousness in not knowing how we are going to raise it.

With that said, here is a breakdown of how the last month has looked in my multiple streams of income.

May 2016 Passvie Income Report

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  • Pension – [2016 Goal – $1308 – made $545 thus far] – the pension continues to feed our private school fund at a consistent rate with no required action.
  • Peer-to-Peer Lending – [2016 Goal make $100 – made $11.14 thus far] – has come under a lot of scrutiny and there is a lot of unknowns in what is going to happen here. I wrote about my view on what has been happening with Lendingclub last month, and my opinion on how to proceed. I invested another $15 from my egg sales last month, and continue to help grow the principal with “play money”.
  • Egg Sales – [2016 Goal – $360 – made $112 thus far] – like I said last month, work has continued to be busy, and I haven’t been able to focus on selling my eggs. My sales have been slowly dwindling since February, but June should be a big uptick. More to come and a long way to go to get to $369 for the year!
  • Blog Income – [2016 Goal – $6000 – made $3562.50 thus far] – made $637.50 this past month, pushed be over the halfway goal for the year only 5 months down with the new year. I’m hoping to use the next few months of blog income to do some home improvements and pay for some of our dog expenses
  • Two Checking Account System – [2016 Goal – $500 – made $250.50 thus far] – our launch of the two checking account system for the past two months have been very successful. I am way ahead of my goal for the year and our hits are to 2100 views on YouTube. If you get a chance I highly suggest checking out Northpointe and get 5% interest and a $50 signing bonus for funding your new checking account and sign up for our two checking account course. Make sure you tell them that ThreeThriftyGuys sent you, so you can score the $50 signing bonus!
  • Schwab Monthly Income Fund – [2016 Goal – invest $1200 and make $100] – due to the fact that I haven’t sold any gold/silver I haulted all investing in the Schwab income fund for a short time. After my job situation gets resolved, then I may restart this.
  • Amazon’s MTurk – [2016 Goal – make $500 – made $30 thus far] – Over the last month and a half I’ve realized how hard it is to make money on MTurk, and that it pays very low per hour rate. I’ve picked up a few good paying surveys over the last month, but I think I have to lower my original goal of making $500 for the year. So for I’ve made $30, and will plan on reinvesting this month into LendingClub like I’m doing for my egg sales.

Overall, 2016 has proven to be a very busy and fast year. It has been hard to stay focused on my priorities and goals, but through the blog I’ve been able to hold myself semi-accountable to what I’m actually saying. Hopefully my goals are proving to be a motivation for you.

I’d love to hear from you in how your 2016 goals are going and whether you are ahead or behind. Are you lacking motivation coming into the middle of the year? What is continuing to motivate you? What streams of income are you looking at creating in your life?

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