Moving Towards Less But Having More

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I was listening to the radio on my way home from work and a reporter was interviewing an IKEA executive who was discussing how we – as a society – have reached “peak stuff“. Meaning, we all have more than we need.

I found it funny that an executive at one of the largest retail companies in the world (who regularly fills our lives with “stuff”) would be citing such a fact. Perhaps it was another covert PR move on their part – but it got me thinking.


It could be me getting older – but I really don’t want more stuff (crap). I feel like I reached “peak stuff” years ago. And, I assume – if you are reading this – you’re more concerned with thriftiness than spending more money on stuff you don’t need.

In 2015, two special people I know lost their fight with cancer. They were regular folks who didn’t have a lot – but were very much concerned about others. Relationships were their investments.

Their last days weren’t filled with trying to get more and more stuff – but in actuality – about giving all they had, away.

Months before he passed, my uncle sent me a package of memorabilia he had saved over the years. A big sports fan, there were baseball cards, newspaper clippings and other things important to him.

Also in the package were photos of my family and years of greetings cards that I had made and sent to he and his wife every Christmas. It was touching he saved them for so many years.

I knew family and friends were what mattered most to him. Not possessions.

I hope to end the year owning a lot less, but having much more.

How about you?

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  1. Loralee Elliotson says:

    I use a hotmail account; but have my mail directed to Incredimail, because I like using the emoticons. It has been working great for a number of months; but all of a sudden, I am not able to send e-mails to multiple people using the “BCC”. Can you help me to understand what I have to do in order to get this function working again?

  2. Derek at says:

    I’ve started getting rid of stuff and downsizing over the past couple of years. It is really amazing how liberating it can be to de-clutter your life!

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