How to Get Neighborhood Store Flyers and Coupons in the Palm of Your Hand

Aaron AvatarAs a thrifty guy, I take great satisfaction in knowing that I'm generally getting the best deal when I head out shopping for groceries and/or other household items. But, I have to admit, even I get war-torn at trying to keep up with my neighborhood's store flyers and coupons AND where I can find the cheapest deals on particular items.

It's also a time-sucker when I walk into the grocery store, grab their flyers/circulars and then stand there wading through that weeks latest coupons. Of course, I do get some of them in the mail – but even that seems to be happening less and less these days.

A coupon and flyer app to end all coupon and flyer apps

Imagine with me, all the things you wish you had in the palm of your hands when shopping:

  • A way to search and see toaster ovens (or whatever your hearts desire) in your neighborhood and the best deals
  • Search your area's grocery store flyer (before you step foot in the store)
  • Create a shopping list of items you need from _______
  • See the best deals at your local Target, Costco or other store
  • Print coupons or access them all in one place for check-out

Sometimes you just need someone to point out new technology to you. So, when the folks with Flipp told me about their app – I thought, “oh, great, another coupon app” (insert sarcasm).

But after taking it for a spin, Flipp is really not just another flyer / coupon app. It is ALL these things listed above and more. It's truly designed for the serious, thrifty shopper.

How Flipp helps me shop better

My wife and I are in the market for a toaster oven. But, I really do not want to spend more than I have to and there are lots of brands at all the stores. We just want a fair deal on a decent quality oven.

Calling up the Flipp app, I easily add the toaster oven to my “Shopping List” and it immediately starts searching all available flyers.

Soon Flipp finds 3 deals – and I take a look:

toaster oven deals
Best deals on toaster ovens

Now, I had already “clipped” a coupon from Target when I was searching their ad (which was automatically added to my shopping list) – but Flipp helped me discover there were much better deals to be found on toaster ovens at the nearby Kohls and JCPenney store.

All, from simply adding the item to my shopping list.

Second, imagine walking into your Target store and using Flipp to show you the best deals going on at the store? Very easy to do, with Flipp's sliding “percentage off” scale. All you need to do is slide the bar to the right and it will highlight all those items with the greatest savings.

Items with the greatest savings at Target
Items with the greatest savings at Target

How cool is that?!

Added to that, I can search all the flyers by any category I want by selecting from the list in the sidebar

Search by category, store or item
Search by category, store or item

Forget the paper and scissor hassles

Not only can you leave the paper flyers and scissors at home – but you don't need to download every store's individual apps. (And, I can honestly say that Flipp has out-done many of the store's personal apps.)

If you are a serious thrifty person too – you may want to give Flipp a try on your next shopping excursion. You can download it for your Apple or Android phones.

Have you tried the Flipp app and what has your experience been?

Our friends at Flipp helped make this post possible. All opinions expressed are our own.

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  1. A few days ago, I was walking out of a store and thought to myself: “I should really start using coupons. Maybe that can be my New Year’s resolution.” This will make things easier :)

    • Haha – it’s easy to forget sometimes. Flipp is great / cuz you don’t need to remember the coupons or circulars.

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