Our Most Read Articles from 2015

Cannot believe we have made it through yet another year! 

Again, we thought it would be fun to look back at all the posts this past year and see which ones garnered the most views. We so appreciate your following along and reading! And look forward to bringing you even more helpful posts and insights in 2016 that keep more bucks in your pockets!

most read article of 2015

  1. My 5-month Review of Republic Wireless
    Though I no longer pay $10/month for my cell phone, it is still very close to that with their new “refund” plan that gives you back the data you don't use.
  2. What I Learned from Giving Away $60,000
    One of my personal favorites, this interview is from our friend Jason Buzi, who is the man behind the Hidden Cash phenomenon that swept the USA when little packages showing up at various places/times filled with cash.
  3. 7 Ways to Save Money Through Your Employer
    This article was actually a reprint of one we had written years prior and thought we'd bring it back in case you missed it.
  4. 9 Things to Purchase at Trader Joe's Because They Are (Usually) Cheaper
    If you are fortunate enough to have one nearby, Trader Joe's can save you a lot of money on some staple foods.
  5. The Bank Can't Foreclose on You if You Don't Have Debt
    It's true.
  6. How to Deal with a Debt Collector (Written by a Former Debt Collector)
    Eddie worked in debt collections and writes about his experience and how you can better deal with them if you ever need to.
  7. How to Setup the Ooma Wireless + Bluetooth Adapter
    Written with our friends at Ooma, this post walks you through the process of setting your up.
  8. Why Have Auto Dealerships Stopped Negotiating?
    Aaron notices a trend as he goes out looking for cars with his mother.
  9. 6 Useful Items Under $10 That Can Save You Money
    A collection of must-have items that are all under 10 bucks.
  10. How to Tell if You Are Losing Money With a Secret Water Leak
    Investigating a water bill that wasn't going down after a family member moved out causes some suspicion about a possible water leak

Any others that helped you out or were your favorites from the year?

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  1. Great list, Aaron! Charlie’s post on “The Bank Can’t Foreclose on You if You Don’t Have Debt” was very powerful to me. It’s something I think about often as we work to become debt free ourselves.

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