6 Ways to Make Extra Money With Your Car

Recently I've been looking at different ways to make some extra side income with my vehicle. And, there are lots of new services out there that are making this more and more easy.

I like this idea of using my car as a side gig because many times the jobs are “at will” – meaning you can pick your schedule and choose to work when you want to.

Let's look at a few ways I've come across. Some of them you may be familiar with already. Please let us know if you are currently involved in any of these and what your experience has been. Even better, if you are doing something not mentioned here  – love to hear about it!

ways to make money with your car


Probably one of the most well-known, vehicle-money-making services out there right now is called Uber. By employing local citizens to give their neighbors' lifts to their destinations – Uber has revolutionized the taxi business.

The service has really taken off and is now a global entity. It's easy to sign-up and even become a driver. If you wish to drive for them, there are a few criteria your vehicle must first meet: be 2005 or newer, have 4 or more doors and is not a salvage.

Uber can pay anywhere from $20-30 depending on their “surge” pricing.


There are also many delivery services out there popping up. Instacart is teaming with retailers like Target and Whole Foods to provide same-day service to their customers. And, you can help!

I signed up recently to become a driver/shopper (these are two different jobs you can sign-up for). The whole process was rather smooth until I got to the interview process. After your initial application is evaluated, you will get a phone call from an Instacart rep. The trick here is that you are given a window of time they will call you – and if you aren't available in that window, you will have to sign-up again. So, just be aware of that. (Note: even though I “missed” my phone interview – I still got a call for an in-person interview)

After the phone interview, you will be called in for a in-person interview. Again, I was given a window of time and options of places to meet. Just be aware that you will need to be available and work around their schedule (also the inflexibility could be that I am in a larger market and Instacart is newer to it – so there are likely lots of applicants).

Amazon Flex

Amazon is also getting into the delivery business. They are touting their new Flex service as a way to get Amazon goods the same-day – and sometimes within an hour or two.

Right now the service is only available in Seattle (headquarters of Amazon) – but will be coming to a city near you. New York, Baltimore, Miami, Dallas, Austin, Chicago, Indianapolis, Atlanta, and Portland are up next. They are saying delivery drivers can make $18-25/hour.

You can sign-up to be the first to find out when it becomes available near you.


Another delivery service, Postmates will deliver your favorite foods from area restaurants, office supplies and even cold medicine to your front door.

You can use your bike or vehicle for this service and they pay up to $25/hour. They're almost like a courier service and tout making deliveries in under an hour.


I was recently looking for a lift down to pick-up a car from my mother who lives a couple hours away. It was basically a one-way trip – and decided to use Craigslist to see if any one was going my way and could provide a ride. I was actually surprised to get a response from one fella who drives folks around for a living.

This got me to thinking that using the “Rideshare” tab under the Community section on Craigslist might be a neat way to make extra money with your vehicle by providing a shuttle service to folks looking for a lift (Giving Uber a run for their money!) Maybe you could just focus on long-distance runs and charge a premium. The individual I was speaking to was asking over $150 for his services.

Of course, you don't have a reputable business to “front” for you – so it may be a little more difficult to cross the trust threshold with folks. Maybe you could have a one-page website that people could check-out and learn more about you.


I think another neat way to be a blessing to others and earn some cash is to provide an errand service to the home-bound or elderly. You could approach assisted living facilities in your area or the community center with your offering as a way to garner business.

What other ways can you make extra money with your vehicle?

If you are looking to become an Uber driver, let us know and we can send you a referral code!

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  1. Become a mobile billboard for companies like http://www.myfreecar.com or advertcar. You’ll need to pass their screening and you’ll be required to leave your self-esteem at home. Other than that, it could be a winner! But I offer no personal experience with these or other similar companies.

  2. Nice set of ideas. You could also rent your car if you are not using it. There are several genuine sites that enable you to rent your car out, check out https://relayrides.com

    • Interesting idea – although a bit more risky! :)

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