Ooma HD2 Handset Review

ooma handset hd2 review

Recently, I was given the opportunity to try out Ooma HD2 Handset as another add-on option to my Ooma home phone system. In testing the unit I looked for ease of setup, how it compared to our existing analog phone, distance the phone signal reached and overall rating.

Ease of setup

Press the wireless signal in the upper right area of your Ooma base unit
Press the wireless signal in the upper right area of your Ooma base unit

The Ooma HD2 Handset was very easy to set up. Just follow these instructions:

  • Remove from box, and install batteries in handset. Plug into dock if no image comes up on the front display.
  • Once docked, press the wireless signal in the upper right area of your Ooma base unit
  • Your handset will ask you to confirm your authentication – press yes
  • After the handset has initiated its trust with the base unit, then it will ask you keep it on the dock and it’ll update its software (if there are any new releases)

The entire setup process took me less than 5 minutes from unboxing to usage. Pretty simple!

Handset compact to my existing Uniden analog phone

I’ve had my Uniden home phone (with 2 remote units) connected to my Ooma base unit for over 3 years. The entire time I’ve had my Uniden phone I’ve had to replace the batteries about once per year, because the phone really drains the battery. The Ooma handset has an extremely long battery life, has a caller ID feature on the front display, and even shows me how many voice messages I have that need to be read. I wouldn’t know this by using my regular phone unless I’d look at the base Ooma unit and the mail light would be flashing.

In addition, there are a lot of nice features on the menu that aren’t available with my regular phone. These include voicemail, intercom, services (do not disturb, call forwarding and sync config), phonebook, favorites, call logs and other settings.

Distance my Ooma Handset reaches

One of the premier features I get out of the unit is its capability to get a good signal a long ways from my base unit. In looking at my existing phone, I’d often struggle to get a clear signal with my base unit at the top floor of a three story house and making calls from my basement. The Ooma handset not only gets a clear signal through all three floors of my house, but I’m able to walk four or five houses down the block (in both directions) and still communicate clearly over the phone. That is approximately the diameter of 1000ft my handset can reach. I was very impressed with this feature, and is another reason for its great value.

Overall rating

Overall, I would give the Ooma HD2 Handset 5 stars out of 5. The value, ease of use, and the advantages it provides compliment my Ooma phone system. If you are already using the Ooma Telo, I highly recommend adding the Ooma HD2 Handset. You won’t be disappointed.

This article has been brought to you by our friends at Ooma.

Ooma HD2 Handset


Ease of use











  • Easy to install
  • Ease of use
  • Great range
  • Affordable
  • Intercom


  • NA

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  1. I love my Ooma with 2 HD2 handsets!! BUT the batteries are bad and I have searched and searched and even ordered, none fitting or working in the handsets….Can you please tell me where to get the new batteries? Can I just have my existing ones recharged? I need help, any info very much appreciated! Thank you, Susan

  2. I’ve been very happy with my OOMA service, but the handset needs 2 key updates:
    1) The sound quality on speakerphone is poor for low frequency baritone and bass speech. It sounds like Peanuts Charlie Brown listening to adults talking.
    2) The phone case is too slippery and does not stay on shoulder, slips off the lap, etc. Needs some texture or rubberized surface.

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