How to Get the Most Savings When Shopping at Amazon

Thought we would shake things up a little bit and offer you a video of more ways that you can save money when you are shopping at Amazon.

To highlight a few that are covered in the video:

Utilize Prime

If you are a regular shopper at Amazon, you may want to sign-up for the Amazon Prime yearly membership. This is $99/yearly, but with free 2-day shipping, access to online videos and more, it may be worth your money.

Try Subscribe and Save

If time is on your side and you don't need your item tomorrow, you may want to give their “Subscribe and Save” service a try on your regular purchases. I do this with refrigerator water filters and save about 5%. If you add 5 or more items (in the same month) on to the Subscribe and Save program, they'll give you an extra 15% off. Also, for a limited time (July 4th) get $10 credit with code “TRYSNS10” on your new Subscribe and Save order.

Use Promo Codes

Many folks don't realize this – but Amazon does take promo codes during check-out. Often I'll do a search at some of the popular coupon sites, like RetailMeNot or Rather-be-Shopping (our friend Kyle there will help you out!) for extra savings.

Got a Discover Card?

If you have a Discover card, Amazon allows you to use all of your Cashback Rewards during check-out. During my video demonstration, I had about $13 in Cashback and used that for my purchase.

Or, an Amazon Card?

If you have an Amazon credit card, you can get 3% on all purchases that you make with it at Amazon. A nice extra savings. And, if you are okay with credit, you can sign-up for the card before checking out and get about $40 (right now) credited to your account.

No-Rush Shipping Credit

Again, if you're not in any hurry to receive that item of yours and you're an Amazon Prime member, you can elect to get a credit to your account for digital items (ebooks, music, movies, etc).

And, Give Back!

Lastly, I want to make you aware of a neat feature that Amazon has recently instituted that allows you to pick a charity and then allow them to benefit from your shopping, called Amazon Smile. While it's not going to save you any money, you will feel good about helping out your favorite charity.

Our friend Sean at also has a pretty comprehensive post on ways to save at Amazon as well.

Please let us know if you have other ways that you are saving money through Amazon!

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  1. Loved the video and the nice short and sweet article. I’m an avid Amazon user but didn’t realize how much subscribe and save can actually save. Amazon was also the last place I expected to use promo codes, I obviously need to slow down and stop mindlessly checking out with my saved credit card number. Thanks for the tips!

    • Thanks Michael!

  2. I’ve used Amazon Subscribe and save in conjunction with the Amazon mom program for years, it’s had to have saved me hundreds of dollars by now. They also have good deals that are sometimes cheaper than walmart on batteries, toilet paper and dishwasher packets. I try to hit 5 items to get the biggest discount when possible.

    • Good ideas John!

  3. I didn’t know Amazon did promo codes! Thanks for the info!

    • Hi Heather – Yeah, that may be something new(er) for Amazon..

  4. For July through September this year Discover is offering a 5% cash back bonus when buying at Amazon and using your Discover card. You just have to sign up on the Discover website.

    • Thanks for the heads up Susan!

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