Comparison Between Ooma Premier and Basic Services

A year and a half ago, I needed to do a three-way conference call between fellow TTG writer Aaron and Laurie (from, but my Ooma basic service didn't provide that functionality. It turned out the three-way calling feature was a part of the  Ooma Premier service offering. So I made the switch!

Changing over to the Premier service was as simple as signing into the site and signing up for the Premier service (which took all of three minutes). Since I switched to Premier service, I've soon realized that you get a lot more than just three-way calling for only $10 more per month.

Here is a breakdown of what you get:

As you look over all the differences you get between the two different services, a couple of the features that I've really taken advantage are:

  1. Ooma blacklisting– this feature has helped me reduce my telemarketing calls to almost zero, because it gives me the ability to block any number I want to. This can be a big time saver and convenience. Do you ever have those pesky marketing calls that call every night until they reach you? It's frustrating when you run to the phone every night and expect it to be someone you'd want to talk to (family member or friend).
  2. Nest Alerts– with the integration my Ooma phone and Nest thermostat, it has helped increase my cost savings on my energy bills, because the Nest isn't solely reliant motion sensing to determine if you are away. Plus, if Nest knows when you aren't typically home, then it can automatically route your call to an alternative number. Two great features of having these units connected.
  3. Free Mobile Minutes– when my cell phone is coming close to going over my minutes, then I can rely on the new enhanced mobile app. The app provides free outgoing calls for Basic and Premier customers (incoming calls are free with Premier). It will help me save even more money for my family on our overall phone services.

Here is a short video from Ooma showing the Premier services:

I'd be interested to hear if any of our readers currently use the Ooma Premier service or what is stopping you from switching from the basic service. Also, if you don't use Ooma, and have some of the listed above services, then about how much are you paying per month?

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This article was brought to you by our friends at Ooma.

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