6 Useful Items Under $10 that Can Save You Money

items under 10 dollars that can help you saveSaw this thread up on Reddit the other day – and thought it was a great topic. Sometimes we think the most useful things cost a lot of money. However, as you will see in the discussion, there are lot of helpful items that you can pickup for under $10 that can actually help you to save more money.

Here's a few items that I've gotten for under $10 that I use often.

Lunch Blox

My wife picked up these lunch boxes that are made by Rubbermaid awhile back and they are really nice. You can stack them, and even put an ice block underneath 'em to keep everything cold. Never buy sandwich bags again! (under $8)

Checkbook register

Being that I still track our finances in a checkbook (yes, I'm old-school!) – checkbook registers, are great! Plus, they are free at most banks when you ask. While this isn't technically a money-saver, it can sure alleviate headaches or other finance-related maladies.

Water bottle

I'm a big water drinker – and it's great to be able to tote it wherever I go. Our family has pretty much stopped buying bottled water and have opted for water bottles. I've heard some good things about Nalgene water bottles (you can even customize one). But, even if you don't want a designer model – you can get good, BPA-free bottles for under 10 bucks.

Postage stamp

Count me odd, but I'm still amazed that you can put a stamp on a letter, put it in a mailbox and the darn thing arrives at its destination just a couple days later. Cheaper than driving it there yourself!

LED light bulbs

You can purchase most of these for under $10 – and they will tend to save you money over the long haul too with their extended life.

Coupon book

I somewhat hesitated in adding this because many of us purchase these things and then never use 'em. I really try and put ours to use. We mainly pick-up the Entertainment coupon books. They are stocked with tons of local / national coupons that you can put to use. I would caution you to wait til the middle of the year to get these though. They often drop drastically in price around that time. Right now, you can pick a 2015 book up for under $10.

Love to know the items you feel are the most useful to you under $10

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  1. Back in 2008 I had a teacher that encouraged us to go the entire semester without purchasing bottled water. It’s stuck with me ever since and I don’t think I’ve purchased any since then. I really like Camelbak bottles and always have one with me!

    • Interesting experiment! They are quite a waste :(

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