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ooma-mobile-appSpring is in the air with the trees in bloom, birds chirping, and the new grass just starting to emerge! Exciting isn't it? It's got me eager to save money and find new ways of saving our family money.

On that money saving note, I just recently noticed that Ooma is again extending the value it’s offering Ooma customers. They just announced a new release of the Ooma Mobile App. With the new release, Ooma is announcing some important updates for mobile users:

Ooma Basic Customers (about $3-4 per month – taxes)

  • Unlimited outbound domestic calling is free (previously cost basic customers 1.6¢ per minute!)
  • Available for download at iTunes and Google Play

Ooma Premier Service (about $13-14 per month – with taxes and fees)

  • Unlimited inbound and outbound domestic calling for free
  • Receive incoming calls from your home phone number
  • Available for download at iTunes and Google Play

The app offers a lot of features like uploading your contacts to the Ooma address book, listening to Ooma voicemail, and changing your account preferences directly from the app. Use Ooma instead of your mobile calling plan and save minutes and money.

In testing it on my own Android phone, over a five minute call, it used about 1MB per minute. So compared to the other apps I've tested out, it is extremely efficient in using your bandwidth and can be used to lower your cell phone talk minutes. This is especially a great alternative if you have an unlimited mobile data plan and want to lower your cell minute costs.

Along with all the free domestic calling, you can save on international calling with the Ooma Mobile App. Take along Ooma when you travel internationally and save on international calls, or make domestic calls for free over Wi-Fi. Use with the Ooma World Plan for the lowest international calling available, which is $17.99 for unlimited international calling to over 60 countries. This can be another great option for cell phone users, because you can put all your international calling through Ooma as opposed to one international plan for cell phones and one plan for your home phone.

I honestly love how Ooma is constantly stepping up their game and offering so many valuable options on top of their Basic and Premier phone service like the Ooma Mobile App, expanded blacklistingintegration with your Nest devices, and the neat gadgets (like the Ooma Bluetooth + Wireless Adapter and Ooma Linx). I can completely understand how Ooma is #1 in value and customer satisfaction.

Learn more about Ooma Telo at Amazon (now only $88)

This article was brought to you by our friends at Ooma

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