How to Find Unclaimed Money, Credits for Your Cell Phone Bill and More

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Everyone likes freebies and special offers. Here’s a few places around the web where you can get free things and keep a few more bucks in your pocket! We hope to continue this feature every month. Please let us know if you have found any other free stuff around the web or elsewhere.

Find unclaimed money

Mark mentioned this site several years ago here – but I always feel it is worthy of another mention. Every now and then, I check this site myself – just in case something pops up on it that I may not know about. Instead of sifting through each state’s website, aggregates a listing of property or money that has not been claimed by individuals. Try and enter your name or someone you love – and you may get a pleasant surprise! 

You can also try these sites for unclaimed funds:

places to find unclaimed money

Places that will pay you to live there

Cameron Huddleston of Kiplingers published a recent piece on “4 Places That Will Actually Pay You to Live There“. Some of them offer credits to build a home – such as Harmony, MN – population 1,020. I know Alaska offers a yearly rebate for those who live there year-round. Looks like residents will get about $1,800 back from 2014.

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