How to Enable Ooma’s Expanded Blacklist Feature

charlie_imageLately, I've been getting a lot of annoying telemarketing calls and requests for donations on my home phone. Even though I'm on the “Do Not Call List”, I still have to deal with these folks. Luckily, since I have Ooma Premier services, I am able to leverage their new call blocking services. Ooma calls this new feature “Expanded Blacklisting”. Here is step by step process on how to take advantage of Ooma call blocking service. 

Setting up Ooma call blocking took me less than 3 minutes, and I was surprised just easy it was to set up. You can access these new preferences at

According to Ooma, they already block “close to one million telemarketer and spam call per month.” But with this new feature – that taps into a third-party database of telemarketers, robocallers and phone spammers – you'll have the ability to block over 800,000 more of these nuisance calls.

I remember back when I had a land line how I wish I could have had this type of service, but no land line companies give consumers this service. Besides Ooma's ultra affordable phone services, this is yet another reason to consider purchasing Ooma phone services today!

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This article was brought to you by the fine folks at Ooma.

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  1. I just activated my expanded blacklist. I love the personal blacklist, so if the expanded is as good as the personal, this is going to be PERFECT. Thanks for the link!

  2. I have the Ooma Premier services, when I try to login for the New Black List Service I get wrong password, I use the same password as I do to login my Ooma Account. Please Help,

    • Hi Fred. You may need to setup a new ID. Let us know if that doesn’t work or contact Ooma support directly.

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