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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year TTG readers!

I love this time of year, because we get to put up the Christmas tree and focus on others and not ourselves. For many people it can be very stressful when you don't know what gift to get a friend or family member.

Here’s an option you should consider: if some of your gift recipients are paying more than $20 per month in home phone bills, it’s not too late to give them an Ooma Telo. Since we switched our family over to Ooma, we’ve saved over $1000, and monthly savings continue to add up. But before you jump headfirst here are a few things to consider before gifting an Ooma:

Your recipient’s Internet speed – It’s best to have at least 256kb Internet speed, which eliminates all dial-up Internet users or anyone with extremely slow or unreliable Internet. In addition, if you are using a satellite or cellular wireless signal to obtain your ISP (Internet service provider) connection, then you need to check the Internet speed and dropped packets. A good test is whether you lose Internet service during a good hard rain.

Technical knowledge of the recipient – People often wonder if they can give an Ooma Telo to their 90-year-old Grandma. In my opinion, Ooma is so easy to setup and use that anyone can use it. The bigger question mark is whether your recipient has a reliable Internet connection. Now I have one important tip that you should consider if you gift an Ooma Telo to someone who isn't tech savvy. I HIGHLY recommend that you connect the Internet modem, Ooma Telo and wireless router all into the same power strip. This way if grandma, grandpa, or a non-technical friend runs into problems they can simply shut off the power strip (resetting all connections) and start fresh. This has come in handy for me when helping my spouse troubleshoot getting the phone to work if I'm not home.

Type of home phone they have – Ooma works best with a single stationary phone jack connection and a primary phone (or cordless base station and multiple remote units). You can place cordless home phones all through your house and the phones get their signal from the base station plugged into the Telo. Ooma also works with a corded phone, but I think Ooma is ideally suited for cordless phones (like the one pictured to the right).

Buy new and from resellers with good return policies – Calm your fear of gifting technology by purchasing an Ooma Telo directly from their web site or from a retailer that has a good return policy if you or your recipient aren't perfectly happy. I personally bought mine on Amazon, because I knew how easy Amazon is with merchandise returns.

ooma-teloSo with Christmas soon upon us, gifting the Ooma Telo ($110 at Amazon, down from $129 regularly as of 12/19) phone service can be the perfect last minute gift for a loved one. If you consider the things I listed above, then Ooma will be a perfect option. Now if you have a friend that is really into saving money, this gift is sure to excite them! I know I'd love to receive it if I was already paying $30/month or more for my monthly phone bill!

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