8 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Thrifty Guy

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thrifty-christmas-gift-ideasIf you have a thrifty guy or guys on your Christmas list this year – allow us to offer a few suggestions for your review. Having been a guy for over 40 years now and a thrifty one for more than a quarter of those years – we might be able to lend some expertise. A few things to keep in mind when shopping for the thrifty guy:

  • money or gift cards are always a welcome gesture
  • be on the lookout for items that will help him save more money in the long-run
  • and check-out items that will add value to his day-to-day

While I can’t speak for every thrifty guy in the world – we believe this humble list will at least get you started and thinking in the right direction.

walletSaddleback Leather Wallet
I purchased one of these handsome wallets about a year and a half ago and love it. It's thin and built to last. Plus, it has a 100-year warranty on it, which you can't beat.
money-holderTricky Money Holder
If you are gifting your thrifty guy some cash OR a gift card this Christmas, you might as well make 'em work for it. This fun gift that will give them hours of frustration, er, enjoyment.
nestNest Thermostat
Here's one of those gifts that is sure to pay for itself down the road. Nest thermostats "learn" your heating/cooling behaviors and adjust accordingly. Charlie wants one for Christmas.
amazaon$100 Amazon Gift Card
You really can't go wrong with an Amazon gift card - as there are millions of items for your thrifty guy to choose from. Also, if you reload a gift card at Amazon with $100, you'll get $10 back (for a limited time).
chipotleChipotle or Qdoba Gift Cards
Speaking of gift cards, you can't go wrong with a Chipotle (or, my favorite, Qdoba) gift card. But don't pay full price for 'em. Check out Gift Card Granny or Raise to see where you can get the biggest discount off these cards first (Get $5 off your first order of $50 or more at Raise).
beardedBearded Brothers Bars
If your guy is big into organics and nutrition bars - check out these nutritious bars. I get them regularly and they often take the place of a quick lunch. Make sure you sign-up for their emails to get an extra 15% off your first order + watch for their deals via email.
oomaOoma Telo
Here's another product we love and also is "value-added" as it will save the thrifty guy lots of money down the road. Chuck that land line!
Duracell 175W Power Inverter
During a recent damaging storm, Charlie was able to power some of his house using this inverter through his vehicle. It's also great for trips and the like.

Any other gift ideas you think a thrifty guy may want this Christmas?

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