Lower Prices and More Savings at Cub Foods

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aaron_image1With all the grocery store price wars going on (namely between the Giant (Walmart) vs. David (your local grocer), there is a concentrated effort to help customers save more at the checkout.

Plus, we've all seen the rise in food prices the past few years and many of us are having to tighten our budgets more and more as a result.

To help customers save more at the grocery store, Cub Foods (who are located in Minnesota and Illinois) introduced a handy new feature called the “Load to Card” program where customers can save coupons they find at CubFoods.com to their MyCub Rewards card. (Here's a helpful video that will further explain how to use your Rewards card and the Load to Card feature). 

Once you pick up a Rewards card at your local Cub Foods store, all you need to do is register the card at CubFoods.com and then your account will be created.

After your card is in the system, you can search for “save to card” coupons at the site. Click the button at the bottom of a coupon to “load” it to your Reward card. Easy, breezy – no coupon clipping or wasting paper!

load-to-cardWhen the item is loaded to your Rewards card, it is added to your shopping list which you can then print out OR email to yourself. It's a pretty handy tool.

Another perk of using their rewards card is you are awarded in savings off gas at local Holiday Gas Stations.

New lower prices

cub-lower-pricesCub Foods is working hard to cut prices even more throughout their stores. As you shop, you'll notice yellow tags underneath the prices to indicate the savings.

Here's a few examples of their new prices (which are subject to change):

  • Bartlett Pears used to be $1.89/lb, now only $0.99/lb
  • Celery used to be $1.29 each, now only $0.89 each
  • Sweet Onions used to be $1.29, now only $0.99 each

We also noted that a lot of Cubs generic brands (which are often as good as name brands) were marked down.

Do you shop at Cub and have you taken advantage of the new Load to Card feature and new lower prices?

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