Ooma Business Review With Linx

charlie_imageRecently, I was approached by Ooma to write a review on the Ooma Office. So while I've had the Ooma home phone service, I've been extremely pleased with both the service and price point. Here are the links to my previous Ooma posts [initial setup of Ooma, Ooma after one year and Ooma premium service review]. With those reviews in mind, here are few of my thoughts on the Ooma business.


Easy setup – after removing the base unit, I had my phone service operational within 5 minutes. I couldn't believe how easy it was to setup, which was easier then the home phone service. The biggest thing to remember in setting it up is to note the device is on the bottom of the unit, and use that to register your Ooma business unit. Make sure you register your unit prior to plugging it in! 

Competitive prices – at $249.00 for the base unit and two wireless Linx units, it is ideal for an office of 2-3 employees. Each additional extension costs $9.99/month and the unlimited calling starts at $19.99/month. For any office of 2 employees it will cost $30.37 (per month) over two years.

Two free extensions – in the base price of the Ooma business phone service you get two free extensions, which a definite plus!


Semi negative comments – the Linx jacks were harder to setup, and required you to make some mods on the website. Go to Manage/Extensions/click on the setting's gear to add your Linx devices to a dedicated extension. See the extension 101 image to the right for more details.Ooma Small Business - Extension setup

Linx setup – when I initially plugged in the Linx, the amber light continually flashed at me. Make sure you first register the Linx id, then assign an extension. Once you've done that then press the wireless button on the back of the unit to discover it, and the Linx device will flash two green lights to show it is registered and has an extension. The Linx took about 20 minutes to figure out and setup. **One note, is that I didn't read any of the instructions. :)**

Extensions – unfortunately Ooma business can only expand up to 5 extensions, and 10 virtual extensions, so keep that in mind if your small business has more than 15 Ooma Small Business - Linxemployees.

Note of caution – depending on how large your business is and how many people you have on the phone at one time, I would monitor your bandwidth usage and if your phone service is swamping down your internet connection. Like I mention in the Ooma review, the Ooma base unit comes with a jack to plug directly into your internet modem, and a jack to go to your business's wireless router. If you plug it in this order then you'll physical ensure that your phone service gets first priority in your business internet connection. This will help ensure you get the highest sound quality from your Ooma business.

Final Thoughts

Overall I was extremely pleased with the sound quality and ease of use, and would definitely recommend the Ooma business phone service. Unfortunately, since I don't run my own small business I don't know how much it costs for X number of employees, so I can't do a comparison. Do any of our readers have some real life examples of how much you're paying for phone service in a small business? I'd be interested to hear from our readers on what you are paying.


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