How I’m Saving as Much as 13% on Everyday Purchases

aaron_image1For awhile now, I have been looking at ways my wife and I can save more on our everyday purchases. From groceries to restaurants, to even gas.

Part of the problem I’ve run into is that some of the places we frequent do not have traditional “sales” or discount their goods very often.

We have gone almost entirely organic for groceries. If anything, purchasing organic foods has helped us focus more on our diets while improving our health (I’ve personally lost 40lbs over the past year + have gotten rid of other ails in the process). 

Needless to say, organic foods are more expensive. We shop at our local food co-ops as well as Whole Foods. We’ve discovered there aren’t a lot of coupons out there for these foods. Sure manufacturers offer a few savings here and there but you have to really be on the lookout (and I’m not a crazy coupon-clipper). Whole Foods also holds various sales and a few coupons – but their discounts have never compared to the popular grocery chain here in the Twin Cities.

Other places I frequent are Chipotle and Qdoba. I love to grab a burrito bowl at least once a week as a “treat”. Qdoba has their Rewards card you can take advantage of (after 10 purchases, you can get a free entree). Chipotle does a fair amount of giveaways here and there – but never discounts their meals or offer BOGO deals (and they probably don’t need to from seeing the lines at my nearby store).

We also need to purchase prescriptions now and again and often pick those up at Walgreens. Again, you won’t find many coupons out there for drugs – so any discounts are appreciated!

How to save more on routine expenses

I regularly get email updates from a website called It’s a website that “aggregates” a bunch of discounted gift card resellers in one place. I set up alerts to be sent via email whenever one of our stores has a discounted card for sale.

gift card alerts

Lately, the deals seem to be getting a bit better – so I decided to grab some deals!

The first cards I picked up were Chipotle and Whole Foods gift cards from (a popular discount card seller). Then I saw a 8% off deal on a Qdoba card at and a Walgreens card for almost 13% off at

Here’s how the savings broke out:


Almost $30 in savings! That’s not too bad! Plus you can purchase many of these gift cards using a cash back rewards card that you may have for even more savings.

The trick is to be sure the cards don’t expire and the gift card reseller offers free shipping (most do).

Have you ever tried this and how much have you been able to save?

Discount is for new customers only.

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  1. That’s great! You’re doing a good job in saving some serious money. 13% is a big discount in every purchase. Keep up the good work.

  2. I use these sites frequently but make sure to check the balance often and try to use the cards as quickly as possible. Sometimes the people that they were purchased from keep the number on the back of the cards and still use them. You usually get a 30 day warranty from the website but after that you’re on your own. It’s happened to me twice.

    • Excellent point – something I really haven’t thought about. Thanks Lynn.

    • Yeah – not too bad!

  3. I’ve found that this is not only a good strategy for every day purchases but also gifts. For instance, if a couple is registered at a certain store for their wedding, you can find a discounted gift card for that store and hopefully a coupon too to maximize the savings.

    • Great idea Stefanie

  4. Getting an updates from a website that offers a discount would be totally a big help and you would surely save a lot. I also sign up from a website that offers similar service like and it’s very useful.

    • Thanks Anne. Yeah, I’m sure this idea has been done before :)

  5. I use discover credit card. They give gift cards with similar saving. I find those cards better if the denomination are smaller. Chipolte it’s $45 spent for $50 cards using Discover cash back. In reality it’s totally free. It’s a similar approach.

    • Great tip Allison! Didn’t realize they were carrying Chipotle and Whole Foods now. Guess it would take some time to accumulate (unless you use regularly)

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