End of Spring Book Giveaway

aaron_image1One of the benefits of having a personal finance site is that often times book publishers and authors gift us with their wonderful finance-related books. The downside to that is we cannot possibly read them all (nor keep em all).

So, we thought we'd do a little late-spring cleaning and give them a new home! We'd love to send them to some of our faithful readers as a thank you for participating in our little community. 

To be entered to win a book listed below – all you have to do is leave a comment sharing what your favorite personal finance book is AND/OR letting us know which of the following you'd like to read.

We will randomly draw a name for each of the books listed. Comments will be closed just before midnight CST this Friday (the 20th). To learn more about each book (or to purchase one yourself) click on the book covers below. Sorry, US residents only are eligible to win.

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  1. Congrats to all the awesome winners on your books!!

  2. Thank you for sharing. I think i’m gonna read them all!

  3. I’d love to read The Wealth Cure by Hill Harper. I have read other books of his and he has some very astute observations on life. I’d be interested to see what he has to say about wealth and than be able to pass that information along to my young adult children and grandchildren. It’s never to late or too early to begin thinking and planning along those lines. And actually, the sooner the better!

  4. I am currently reading, ” Girl, Get Your Credit Straight” and would like to read “The Wealth Cure By Hill Harper…

  5. Wouldnt mind reading millionaire teacher by Hallman!

    My forvite book is a random walk down wall street. Yes its quite long but I love how candid it is. So many gems in there.

  6. I would like to read the Millionaire Teacher. I am always looking for ways to be money savvy. It’s important for me to then share this information to my children.

  7. Some financial books that I have read and enjoyed much are…
    The millionaire next door- give some good examples of different lifestyles and how I should model my financial life.
    Total money makeover- this book spurred my wife and I to become debt free and start creating financial independence.

    Book above that interests me most is- Clark Howard’s living large for the long haul. I do pay attention to his blog and insight. Would be interested to learn more about what he says.

  8. I’d like to read the Clark Howard book. Sounds interesting and highly relatable!

  9. I’d love to win “How Much Do I Need to Retire.”

  10. I’d be most interested in the Milllionaire Teacher. Nearly thirty I’m just starting to get an understanding about finances. Just imagine what 10 extra years of knowledge under my belt could have helped me achieve (or avoid)!

  11. I would love to read Clark Howard’s book.

  12. I’d like to read Rich Dad Poor Dad. To learn why it’s the #1 personal finance book of all time is intriguing.

  13. My favorite personal finance book is Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kanheman. It’s more of a behavioral economics/psychology book that looks at not only at the financial decisions we make but how we make decisions in general. We are more susceptible to advertising and our environment than we ever thought. I would love the opportunity to win anyone one of these fine books except rich dad poor dad, because I’ve already read that one. By the way I really enjoy your blog.

    • Thanks Arnell

  14. Would love to read Kimberly Palmer’s GENERATION EARN. Recently read her THE ECONOMY OF YOU and would appreciate the continuation.

  15. I’d like to read something by Clark Howard… I don’t always agree with him but find nuggets once in a while!

  16. Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”. I would like to read “The Millionaire Teacher” and “The Wealth Cure: Putting Money in its Place”. I think discussions about financial health and understanding how money works are vitally important topics in families.

  17. I’d like to read the book Millionaire Teacher by
    Andrew Hallam for the education. I’d like to learn how to invest and the best ways to handle money. Thanks!

  18. I am reading Dave Ramsey’s Complete Guide to Money and I am interested in reading The Behavior Gap.

  19. My favorite personal finance books are Dave Ramsey’s “Total Money Makeover” and Tom Stanley’s “Millionaire Next Door”. Great books that help you rethink what money means in your life.

    I would like to read “Millionaire Teacher” if I ever get the chance.

  20. I love the Millionaire next door. It really put into perspective about being frugal.

    I am interested in The Wealth Cure: Putting Money in its Place by Hill Harper

  21. I would like to read the The Behavior Gap book. I need to get some ideas on how to change my outlook on money

  22. I should have Rich Dad Poor Dad along time ago. Maybe you can make that never too late.

  23. I would like to have rich dad poor daddy back in my collection because I gave away my first one to someone who I thought needed it more than I did.

  24. I’d love to read The Behavior Gap. Maybe then we could stop doing the same dumb things over & over again with our money.

  25. I have to admit that I haven’t read a personal finance book so I don’t have one to share. I have however read the Bible which gives us a lot of wisdom for our personal finances. :)

    • I agree Betsy!

  26. I would love Millionaire Teacher or Rich Dad, Poor Dad as books for myself to read and to then share with my family and friends

  27. I would like to read “The Wealth Cure: Putting Money in its Place”. Wealth is shaped by more than financial status; it involves our attitudes, mindset and behaviors. I enjoy reading books that touch on this and it sounds like this book does just that.

  28. I love love love Millionaire Teacher. Andrew Hallam makes the whole investment nightmare simple and sensible (and he even responds if you write!), but I’d like to read “How Much Money do I Need to Retire” so I can, well, plan!

  29. I’d like to read The Wealth Cure: Putting Money in its Place Hill Harper or Millionaire Teacher
    Andrew Hallam

  30. I’m currently working on Rich Dad Poor Dad, but I’d definitely like to read Generation Earn. As a 23 year old engineer fresh out of college (who bought a car AND a house within the last two years!) there should be a LOT for me to learn from this book!

  31. Howdy! I’d love to have a go at the Clark Howard book. I’ve just recently discovered his website and the guy’s got a lot of valuable information. Thanks!

  32. My favorite book is Rich Dad Poor Dad it completely revolutionized the way I look at Money and help me realize that there is still alot I don’t know.

  33. I’d be interested in The Wealth Cure: Putting Money in its Place. We currently have our savings in a regular savings account, while we know there are probably better places it could be.

  34. I’d like to read Generation Earn. As a young professional (30) with a child on the way, I’m more interested in my generation’s behavor when it comes to finances.

  35. I’m currently reading Raising Moneywise Kids but I would LIKE to read Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

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