How to Make Your Own Font (From Your Handwriting)

aaron_image1As a designer, I'm always on the look out for different ways to create new things. And something I had always wanted to do was make my own font. A few years ago, I did just that through a nifty little online app called YourFonts. You don't need any fancy computer programs. If you have a pen (or marker, crayon, etc), a way to scan in a document, access to the Internet and $15, you are good to go! So, if you have those items ready, let's get started in creating your own font that you can use for documents, emails – whatever your heart desires! 

(Here's a video we created to walk you through the process)

Create your own font

YourFonts is going to walk you through a 7-step process to create your own font. Don’t worry – it’s pretty easy and the whole process won’t take more than 20-30 mintues. Type in in your browser.

step1Once there, we’re going to see in the right-hand column, “Getting Started”. Go ahead and click on “Print template” When the page comes up, you’ll want to select the option for PDF in letter size. Most folks in the US use letter size, 8.5×11” – but other countries use A4 size – particularly in Asia. When you go to print out the template, make sure you uncheck the “fit to print” option. Then hit print.

step2Next we’re gonna do the fun part – making your own font! Using your black pen/marker, we’re going to fill in each of the squares with the corresponding letter or character. Be sure that your character stretches or extents to the right cap height, x height and decender to ensure you get the best possible font.

[caption id="attachment_4926" align="aligncenter" width="468"]how to draw font Image from[/caption]

step3When you’re finished, we’re going to click on through to the next step and scan this into the computer. Depending on your scanner – you may have a feed option (which you can use – but I suggest avoiding using it for this). Be sure your pages are straight on the flat bed and correctly aligned to the corresponding arrows/guides on your scanner. Be sure to scan each page and save it as a separate file on your computer. The best formats to save your scan are gif, .jpg or .png.

step4When you’ve got it scanned in, you’re going to go to the next step and upload it to YourFonts. First off we’ll name the font. Give it a clever one. I’m going with ‘Thrifty Guy'. Load each template to the site.

step5Next step you’ll preview the font. Be sure there aren’t any irregularities and everything matches up with what you want the font to look like.

[caption id="attachment_4923" align="aligncenter" width="405"]make your own font My ‘thrifty guy' font in use.[/caption]

Unfortunately, this isn't free (unless you have a coupon code – and YourFonts is known to provide those now and then). But, it is a lot less than going out and purchasing professional font making tools and having to learn the art/science behind font-making. So, $15 isn't all that bad. YourFonts will send you to PayPal so you can complete the transaction and get your font. We’re almost done.

step6After the font has been processed, we’re going to download it and then put the font in your WINDOWS > FONTS folder on your computer and start using it. When you have the font saved to your computer – grab it (you can do a Control C after selecting the file) and then we’re going to find your fonts folder on your computer. Typically this is located in your WINDOWS folder (assuming you are on a PC) and then inside that folder, you’ll find a FONTS folder. We’re going to save the font there with a Control V (paste) to the folder.

step7The font is set to use! Go ahead and open up your word processing software and locate the font in your program and put er to use! Enjoy! Would love to see what you create! Here's a link to ‘thrifty guy' if you want to use it on your computer.

Make your own font!

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  1. You’re not going to believe this, Aaron, but I just installed the Thrifty Guy font on my computer – BY MYSELF!!! Halleluiah – it’s a miracle! :-)

    • You are a tech wiz now! ;) Good job

  2. I think it’s very fun creating your own font! I should try this one, thanks for sharing this tips!

  3. Wow this is great and a bonus video. Simple step by step to understand to beginner like me. Kodus!

    • Aw, sorry Stefanie :(

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