4 Reasons We Shop At Cub Foods

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laurieAs our family of six keeps on the lookout for ways to slash our grocery budget, we find ourselves spending a fair amount of our grocery cash at Cub Foods. Cub Foods really has the corner market on providing money savings for families looking for good deals on quality groceries.  Here’s how:

Great Sales and Great Produce

Cub Foods is amazing when it comes to their weekly sales.  They work hard to implement sale items with the season, such as having hot dogs and buns on sale during the week of the fourth of July, or having ham on sale the week before Easter Sunday.  As we cook and entertain a lot in our home, stocking up when Cub has items we need on sale easily saves us hundreds of dollars a year.

Quality produce is a big deal to our family, and our local Cub Foods also carries high quality produce, including a great organic selection of fruits and vegetables.  Even my mom, who was, up until recently, a die-hard fan of a competitor grocery store, always got her fresh fruits and veggies at Cub, simply because the quality far surpassed her former go-to store.  Now she does all of her shopping at Cub Foods.

The Cub Foods Reward Card

As family of six with a large vehicle, we take full advantage of the My Cub Rewards card.  With Cub rewards, every $50 you spend on groceries gets you a discount of 5 cents per gallon on each gallon of gas you purchase at your local Holiday Station Store.   With the rising prices on gas these days, we thoroughly enjoy getting our 5, 10, 15 or 20 cents off of each gallon of gas we purchase when we use the reward points we’ve earned at grocery shopping  time.

The Load-to-Card Program 

Cub-Load-to-Card-BannerCan I just say “Wow!”?  Cub’s newest money-saving invention, the load-to-card feature with their My Cub Rewards program, makes saving money on groceries as easy as pie!  With a touch of your computer keyboard or Smartphone, you can search for coupons or sales on your favorite items, and load those coupons directly onto your Cub Rewards Card.  Then, when you scan the card at the register during checkout, those savings on the coupon items you’ve purchased are immediately deducted from your grocery bill!  No more clipping coupons, keeping track of coupons, or scanning them one-by-one at the register.   All of the hard work is done for you, while you simply enjoy the savings.

Superior Customer Service

At every Cub Foods store I’ve been to, there’s no shortage of great customer service.  We’re always greeted by at least one employee, and the cashiers are polite and friendly, taking the time to make sure you’ve gotten everything you’ve wanted and needed while shopping at their store. In this day of diminishing customer appreciation, Cub Foods’ great customer service is a welcome change.

If you’re looking for great savings on your favorite brands, as well as quality food and superior customer service, Cub Foods is the way to go. After all, you deserve the best!

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  1. They might have great customer service, but their ethics are seriously lacking. Talk to the people who work at Rainbow who after 20 or more years of service will probably lose their jobs because Cub is making them reapply like they never worked there before. They will probably be replaced with younger workers so the company can save money. These poor people are terrified for their futures. Shame on you Cub.

  2. I’m always looking for the most bang for my buck. Club foods has a lot of perks which make it easier to get more for less. I really utilize that loyalty card and have only had positive experiences.

  3. I have a high respect those companies or malls that has a great customer service. Grocery is one my biggest expenses, I’m using a loyalty card and use it every time I do purchase.

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