Take Advantage of Money Savings by Using the Cub Rewards “Load to Card” Feature

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As we’ve worked to achieve financial freedom in our family, we’ve worked to cut costs in all areas of expense, but by far one of the biggest cost-saving cuts we’ve made has been in terms of reducing our grocery budget. With a little planning and some smart shopping, we’ve managed to cut our grocery bill by over 50% in the last year.

One of the places we love to shop in order to save money on groceries is at the local Cub Foods stores here in Minnesota. Along with low prices and a great selection, Cub Foods also offers a valuable and competitive rewards program for shoppers. Here’s how it works: 

Customers can sign up for the Cub Rewards program either in-store, or online at www.cub.com . When signing up in-store, you receive your rewards card immediately, and if you sign up online, you’ll have the option to print out a temporary card while waiting for your hard-copy to arrive in the mail, which takes approximately 4-6 weeks.

The Cub Rewards card will give you a discount of 5 cents off of every gallon of gas you purchase at participating Holiday Station Stores for each $50 you spend at Cub Foods. The discount applies toward up to twenty gallons of gas per purchase. With the rise in gas prices these days, we can all use a discount when making those trips to the gas station.


An added bonus to the Cub Rewards program is the new Load-to-Card feature. No more cutting, clipping and trying to keep track of all those coupons; with the load-the-coupon feature, Cub Rewards customers can add coupons to their card by logging into their rewards account and adding coupons from the weekly ad, coupon book or coupon section of the site. Customers also have the option of adding coupons using the Cub mobile app. No more cutting and clipping: only savings.  Want to check the coupons added to your card? Simply check by visiting www.cub.com or by using the Cub mobile app.

We work to be savvy shoppers in our household, always shopping for the best deals, however, we have never used much in the way of coupons simply because of the work involved in searching for them, clipping them, keeping track of them and remembering to use them. With the Cub Rewards Load-to-Card Program, Cub Foods makes the coupons readily available on your Rewards card account, and all customers have to do is load them onto the card. When you swipe your Cub Rewards card at the register, the work – and the savings – are done!

If you’re a smart-shopping Minnesotan looking to save more money on groceries, consider shopping at Cub Foods and using their money-saving rewards card with the load-the-coupon features. With Cub, money savings are in the bag.

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  1. tryin to sign up for cub foods reward card on line its not going threw

    • Hi Shar. Please connect with Cub directly as they’ll be able to assist you better than us. Cub Rewards

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