Finding a Job in Today’s Market – Leveraging Your Strengths

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The world’s economies are starting to pick up their pace, but there is still an evident problem – landing a job. While many companies are hiring, there has been far too long of a gap between economic turmoil and the ability for recent graduates to land a job. In fact, just 3 years ago in 2011 a startling fact was released – for every job opening, there are 4.5 people applying. This puts a person at a 20 percent chance of landing a job. 

Those that just graduated college will find that they are on the outside looking in for most job opportunities. The sad reality is that there are more qualified applicants with real world experience applying for lower level jobs. This leaves us with the reality that the job market is becoming increasingly competitive.

You MUST Stand Out

The biggest issue for applicants is that they need a way to stand out from the crowd. Unfortunately, if your skillset is not as high as another applicant, you will likely be passed by for a job. However, applicants that know how to stand out will have a greater chance of being hired.

Acing the Interview

When you land an interview, it is not enough to simply be scheduled at 1 pm and arrive punctually. You must treat an interview as a test. Most employers agree that the people they interview are just not prepared enough to land the job. If all applicants are judged according to their experience, you will be facing an uphill battle. This is where you can surpass other applicants, but there is one catch – you have to work for it.

  • Prepare: The biggest issue is that people look at a job title, but they fail to actually look into the company itself. Learn everything you can about the company and their current needs.
  • Strategy: Once you know about the company, look into your previous experiences and find experiences that relate to the company’s needs. If the company needs to expand its datacenter, your experience at Chase may be what gets you the job. Explain the hardships of expansion and why your work was vital to your previous employer’s success. Every question asked is a chance for you to demonstrate how you can be a valuable asset to the company.
  • Tough Questions: There will be times when an employer asks difficult questions. This may be why you haven’t been employed for the past 6 months or why you were fired from a previous job. Anticipate these questions and formulate answers before the interview. This way you have a plan to impress the employer at every last opportunity.

Now that you are ready, you have to remember one thing – the first 30 seconds. It is said that the first 30 seconds gives you the opportunity to really make an impression. If for some reason the interviewer has a less than acceptable impression during this time, your chances of being hired drop dramatically.

First, rehearse how you will enter the room. This means elegantly and properly closing the office door behind you. When speaking, talk slow and be confident. Obviously, wear the proper attire and keep eye contact. This is your chance to land a job, so make your first impression one that will last.

The goal is to be confident, appealing and knowledgeable. With many other applicants will be vying for the job, you must stand out. By being prepared and knowing about the company, you already have a major advantage over the competition.

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