Men’s Grooming: How to Look Dapper on a Budget

While the concept of male grooming is not that new, there is a limit on how much we’ll spend. Despite the fact that we’d happily fork out over $100 for a night out with the boys or gladly pay the absurd monthly fee for cable sports, we scrunch up our noses over a $25 bottle of fancy moisturiser opting instead for the cheaper supermarket brand. Luckily, looking sharp is easier and cheaper thank you think. It’s not about finding the most budget product of the shelf that is likely to turn your skin into a scaly mess, it’s about investing in items that are long-lasting, require minimal maintenance and do the job correctly. Here are five essentials every guy should own as the key to always looking dapper.

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Beard and Moustache Trimmers

Facial hair throughout history is much like a fashion cycle, either considered as the quintessence of a proper gentleman or as the mark of a ruffian. Thanks to hipsters, beards and moustaches in all forms are largely acceptable for any occasion, from the workplace to the club. A shaver with detachable heads will allow you to shape your beard with precision and curb your moustache from curling around your upper lip.

Styling Clay

The comeback of the prohibition era hairstyle, the quiff and that stupid side poof the guy from One Direction is sporting has called for products that can hold these styles in place. Maintaining this level of dapper dishevelled-ness means that your regular old hair gel isn’t going to cut it. A styling clay from brands like Uppercut Deluxe will give you pliable hair that holds without the gritty residue.


Since being dapper is all about appearing fresh, you’d be an idiot to ignore your skin. Dry, scaly and beard rash skin doesn’t only make you look like you’ve just sailed through the Antarctic, it turns your morning shave into a fight to the bitter death with your razor. A moisturiser specifically designed for men will repair damaged tissue and work as a barrier against the elements.

Lip Balm

Lip balm? Really? Yes you read correctly. Lip balm is not lip gloss – you will not look like you’ve shared a tube of dripping goo with Lindsay Lohan. Still hesitating? Frankly speaking, you’re lady love isn’t going to be impressed each time she has kiss your chapped, wind-burned or dry lips. Here’s where lip balm can be your saviour. Designed to give your pout a healthy appearance, a natural (y’know without all those nasty chemicals) will work medicinally to give them a supple appearance and protect them from UV rays.


Being dapper isn’t just about looking slick, it’s about having a desirable aroma. If you are over the age of sixteen and still dowsing yourself in Lynx body spray, you are not only offending the nostrils of everyone you come in contact with, you’re fostering bad body odour. Invest in a super strength antiperspirant to curb the sweats and spray on a cologne that’s to your liking. A good rule of thumb for wearing cologne is to follow the two spritz rule; any more than this and you’ll give your company aromatic headaches.

Fellas: What’s your guilty grooming product that you can’t live without?

By Keryn Thomson

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