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This Christmas looks set to be dominated by gadgets and gizmos, smartphones and tablets in all their silicon based glory. Technology has, much like the dystopian nightmares of 80’s Sci-Fi movie directors, truly invaded our homes. However, it’s not all automated nuclear holocaust or evil sentient robots and, as we begin to narrow the gap between man and machine, it seems that there are plenty of opportunities to make technology work for us. 

Here then, we take a look at five relatively new or emerging technologies that are either already saving us a little cash, or are set to, in this brave new world of ours.

  • Tether Your Smartphone Most of us have smartphones. And most of us need an internet connection. However, whilst a large number of the devices have the ability, most of us haven’t discovered that we can pair the two. Essentially, tethering turns your smartphone into your internet connection. Perfect for those in new homes who have to wait an eternity for the broadband man to arrive.
  • The Future of Communication?………Binary Machine to machine communications looks set to become the future of wireless technology with the potential to save customers loads of cash over the long term. Imagine a world where your fridge tells your smartphone that you’re out of milk or your car tells insurance companies about your driving habits. The idea is that mundane processes will become more streamlined meaning less waste and more efficiency. You can learn more about this emerging technology on this site.
  • E.T VoIP Home Many will already be aware of VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol. Applications such as Skype, Rebtel and Google Voice offer us the opportunity to enjoy free phone and video calls through our standard internet connection. Certainly beats paying a monthly tariff for a barely used landline connection.
  • Virtual Verbosity The library of Alexandria is said to have contained tens of thousands of works. The bad news is that it was burned down a long time ago. The good news is you now have free access to a virtual library of eBooks that dwarfs the collection at that ancient institution. Get educated without a trip to Egypt or fear of marauding Romans.
  • Profitable Home Office The home office has long been a part of western culture. However, with some of the technologies mentioned above and a host of new ones on the rise, it is now possible to extricate yourself completely from the mundanity of the standard workplace. Freelance websites, such as, are popping up left right and centre and, for the first in the history of the home office, it has actually become a profitable enterprise.

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