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Ok, all – admit it.  When the holiday party invites come flooding out of the woodwork, you’re thinking, at least somewhat, about how you want to look awesome when you walk in the door, aren’t you?  You’re shopping for a couple of great holiday outfits, picking out just the right accessories, and getting your hair cut/highlighted in order to sparkle just like the lights we see hanging outside of houses, right?

So, how do you make a plan to look great without racking up the numbers on the credit card?  Here are some ways to look great during the holidays without putting yourself into the poor house. 

1. Start from the inside out.  Yep, diet and exercise.  Since the holiday season is notorious for inundating us with loads of sweet treats and calorie-laden appetizers, commit that your “no-party days” will be filled with healthy-yet-delicious meals that are ripe with whole and fresh foods that are served the way they were made.  Have a fresh fruit and nut breakfast, a seasoned chicken breast with steamed veggies for lunch or dinner, and choose quality snacks such as veggies with homemade guacamole dip.

Exercise is also crucial to your holiday beauty game plan.  The glowing cheeks you’ll get from that run or cardio class add a definite plus to your beauty routine, helping you to look and feel younger and healthier.  Natural beauty through maintaining a healthy diet and exercise plan costs next to nothing and makes you look and feel great.

2.  Do beauty the D-I-Y way.  Pluck your own eyebrows, do your own manicures and pedicures, and trim your own bangs.  Whiten your own teeth using products such as those offered for teeth whitening by Smile Brilliant.   Check online for at home facial recipes and hand scrubs that will make your hands and face soft and glowing. There are many salon services in which the D-I-Y products can be purchased at your local big box store or online store, and delivered right to your home.  You can easily save hundreds of dollars by doing beauty treatments like this on your own.

3. Buy your holiday outfits second-hand.  Consignment stores, thrift stores and online auction sites are ripe with rarely or never worn dress coats, shoes and a myriad of other holiday outfit options.  A person can easily save 50, 60 or 70 percent off of retail costs on formal and semi-formal clothing by simply shopping around the slightly used arena.  Another idea?  Hit up friends or relatives that wear your same size, or have kids a bit older than yours, and offer to buy any formal outfits they may be looking to get rid of.  One year we got an absolutely gorgeous formal dress coat from a cousin whose daughter had outgrown it.  That beautiful dress coat is now being used by our second of three daughters (since the first has now outgrown it), is still in great shape, and didn’t cost us a dime.

It’s always fun to dress up for a bit of formal or semi-formal party time during the holidays, but looking your best doesn’t have to break your bank account.  Follow the above suggestions this year and see how much money you can save while looking your best.

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