Getting Engaged This Christmas? Do it With Style

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Christmas seems to be one of those times during the year in which couples end up making the commitment to get married.  I remember being younger and single, and, on certain Christmases, wondering if one of the boxes I opened would be the one with the big, shiny rock in it.

If you’re considering getting engaged this Christmas, here are some tips to help make sure all goes off as planned. 

1.  Consider the recipient’s “style”.  Does your beloved prefer to celebrate in large groups, or would a small, private opening of that little box with the ring in it be a better choice?  Some people might feel put on the spot by a significant other who “pops the question” in front of thirty other people, whereas others might be thrilled to have friends and family looking on when you ask the big question.  This is important to consider when choosing exactly how you’ll ask that special question.

2.  Consider your beloved’s taste.  When choosing the ring, make sure it goes along with your beloved’s style and personality.  The shy, quiet introvert-type of girl most likely doesn’t want a 5-carat rock on her hand, and the flashy fashionista might not be impressed with a simple gold band.  Head on over to a trusted diamond dealer’s site, such as White Pine Diamonds, and peruse the many beautiful choices, being sure to keep in mind your beloved’s sense of style and taste.

3.  Make it memorable.  However you decide to plan popping the question, make sure that it’s planned, well-thought-out, and memorable, in a good way.  If you’re not a planner, get help from a trusted family member or friend, making sure you consider every detail when making your plan.  This is a day you want your beloved to remember with joyful memories – a story she can recount happily for years to come.

4.  Think long term.  Your relationship doesn’t end with the engagement.  Commit now to being involved with the wedding planning, and to work together with your beloved on every aspect of your relationship, including the financial part of it.  Marriage works best when both partners commit to working as a team.

Here’s to a happy engagement, and a happy marriage, for years to come!

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