Estate Agent or DIY Property Selling?

Even if you’ve decided to sell your house then you still have a few choices to make in regards to how you are going to do the selling. Are you going to tackle it all yourself, from putting the For Sale sign up and taking the photographs right through to haggling with potential buyers over price or will you have an estate agent do the bulk of the work for you? There are pros and cons for both sides which we will explore. 

Opting to look after the selling of your house by yourself can involve a lot of hard work. Where do you want to advertise your property? There are many different websites available and how many potential buyers you want to reach will affect the cost, private sale websites can charge anything between £300 to £600 in return for creating a link between your home and those who might purchase it. You will have to take the photographs for whichever website you choose, be the points of contact for anyone who is interested and should you get an offer you will have to organise a solicitor to oversee contracts and deposits. One of the most common ways people are now searching for homes is through sites such as and Zoopla so if you are using a website to sell your property without an estate agent look to use one that will feature  your property on one, or both of these websites. Not doing so will mean you miss out on reaching a great majority of potential homebuyers!

One particular service which is aiming to reduce the cost of selling your home by paying the agent by view, rather than paying a percentage of the value of the property is

If you opt to get an estate agent to look after the process you will probably end up paying out a significant amount more in fees however the service that you are paying for will be more than worth it for many people. Anyone that has to work or look after children or family members will find that times flies and they certainly wouldn’t have the spare hours to sell a house, liaising with solicitors, doing show rounds for potential buyers and finalising a sale.

Using an estate agent means your biggest task will be deciding if an offer is right for you and searching for your next home. Very few people will find selling their own home without help a viable option, there is simply too much to do and it is unlikely that you will know the process well. It is by far the easier option and for many it will be seen as the sensible decision, why not let someone who knows exactly what they are doing look after the sale of your house. A home is a large investment and so when selling it on you want to make sure you do it right. It is not worth taking the risk that you miss something out or don’t reach your intended audience, choose carefully how you are going to go about this.

If you have decided that an estate agent isn't for you there are still ways in which you can use professionals in order to save money and doing every stage DIY isn’t necessarily the way to go. Mortgage brokers for instance can often play an important part in saving you a significant sum of money on your mortgage. With the ability to negotiate exclusive mortgage deals you may find some of the best deals available are for those who are using a mortgage broker such as  As you compare the mortgage deals available on the market and your potential monthly repayments you will soon notice the savings a small change in interest rate can mean each month, and once you add these up across the 25 year term of your mortgage you may become quickly surprised at how much will be saving in the long term.

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